Toddler Who Didn’t Want Sibling Overjoyed to Learn Parents Are Pregnant

This article originally¬†appeared on ABC News¬†and was reprinted with permission. When asked if he wanted to be a big brother, Ryan was always firm in his answer: No. But after time, the toddler warmed up to the idea that having a little brother or sister wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“He definitely didn’t want to have a brother or sister, but we knew it was going to be something that was coming down the road so we wanted to warm him up to it,” Ryan’s dad, also named Ryan Worrell, told ABC. In the video, Ryan’s dad continuously asks him if he wants a little brother or sister, to which the toddler always responds with a dismissive reply. But Ryan’s stance on the sibling matter changes over time, and eventually, he’s overjoyed to learn that his parents are having another baby. Worrell says the videos were shot over the course of about a year. Asking Ryan Jr. about the possibility of having a baby brother or sister began as a joke between Worrell and his wife, with the two sending the clips back and forth to each other. Eventually, they decided to edit them together and send it out to friends and family as a birth announcement. “We like to announce things in unique, funny ways and we thought this would be fun,” Worrell said. In 2012, the couple announced the arrival of Ryan Jr. with a Lion King-themed video. Worrell told ABC that the response to the video was “bananas,” with friends from college and even grade school sharing the story and offering their well wishes. “You always think, ‘if this went viral, that would be kind of cool’ and then it happens,” he said. Ryan Jr.’s little brother or sister is expected to arrive in January.

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