Creative Parents Capture 9 Months of Pregnancy in 3 Minutes Flat

You may remember the name Tom Fletcher from way back in March 2014, when the musician and dad-to-be went viral for the unique way he and his wife Giovanna announced they were pregnant: With an original song and an awesome time-lapse video of her growing baby bump, titled “From Bump to Buzz,” which you can watch below. Or maybe from his wildly popular video from April 2015 of his son giggling over dandelions.

Well guys, he’s back at it again — this time with a super sweet video of his wife’s second pregnancy. The three-minute clip captures all nine months of Baby No. 2’s time in the womb, as Dad and little Buzz look on adoringly from inside the baby’s crib. While the video rolls, so does a new track by Fletcher, in which he strums a guitar and sings about just how psyched he is to become a dad again.

The lyrics themselves are insanely adorable. A brief sampling:

It only takes nine months to make a human, nine short months to make a new one,

A half me, the other half you one, it’ll call me dad and you mum.

Nine months of growing in your tummy, but honey when nine months are through,

There’s nothing more I would rather do than, wait a year or two and make another human with you.

At the video’s end, Baby No. 2 is revealed, and it’s all very sweet and heartwarming (while simultaneously making you feel incredibly unoriginal about your own pregnancy announcement). “Baby No. 2” now has a name, of course — according to The Mirror, the little guy was born on Feb. 16, and goes by the name of Buddy. But the video, which has now racked up nearly 800,000 views, was released on Mar. 6, in celebration of Mother’s Day in the U.K.

When Fletcher isn’t writing songs about his baby to make the Internet swoon, he’s writing songs for the British pop rock band, McFly, perhaps best known for singles like “Love Is Easy,” “Shine A Light,” and “All About You.”

But these baby-to-be songs, man — that’s really where Fletcher seems to shine. Just in case you want to re-watch his original song for Buzz — which to date has 13 million views of its own — I’ll save you a click or two:

And if that didn’t send you far enough down a YouTube clickhole, Fletcher has also been warming hearts for the last two years with the father-son duets he does with his son Buzz — which are totally worth a watch, too. Here’s one where the two of them perform Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with adorable results:

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