9 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly OK to Wear Yoga Pants 24/7

Woman wearing yoga pants stretches on a bench.
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Remember jeans? Heck, remember skinny jeans? LOL; those were the good old days. But then motherhood happened, and jeans just suddenly became … well, WAY too much effort.

These days, you pretty much live in yoga pants 24/7 — and you don’t care who knows it.

Why? Well, because yoga pants are practical. And versatile. And because they’re next-level C-O-M-F-Y.

But if you’ve found yourself having to defend your yoga pants-wearing ways lately, you’re not alone. detailed why your Lululemons (and by that I mean the Target yoga pants you tell everyone are from Lululemon) are your single most important motherhood fashion accessory. Even more important than your diaper bag.

1. You never know when you’ll want to spontaneously exercise.

I mean, the urge hasn’t occurred yet this year, but that’s not important. What’s important is that if you’re wearing jeans, you definitely wouldn’t be able to randomly start jogging … around the grocery store, since that’s the only place you go.

2. You need something for your mother-in-law to make comments about.

The failures of your hair, your house, your parenting, and your cooking have become boring. Asking you if you own any “actual clothing,” though? That never gets old.

3. Your husband likes them.

Remember that one time he said so? You might have been crying because of what your mother-in-law said, but you’re pretty sure he meant it.

4.  They go with literally everything.

From your T-shirt to your sweatshirt to that sweater of your husband’s. Lest we forget the footwear, they go perfectly fine with flip flops, Uggs, and even sneakers when you want to pretend you’re power-walking versus pushing the baby in a stroller lackadaisically down the cul-de-sac.

5. They are all-weather wear.

Neither hail nor snow shall stop them from performing their appointed task, which is, namely, making you not naked at preschool pickup.

6. You can get them in any color.

Of course, you only wear them in black and gray, but you’re thinking of wearing the navy blue ones in the back of your drawer soon. You know, when you’re feeling risky.


7. You can dance in them.

Specifically to “The Wheels on the Bus” and other tunes that end up lasting 15 minutes because each child needs a turn to be picked up by Mommy and swung around. Even your 60 lbs. child.

8. You can dress them up for nighttime.

By this, I mean you can wear a macaroni and string necklace to the dinner table at 6 PM while you dine on fish sticks with the kids.

9. They give you one less choice to make in life.

Look — you choose what to cook, what activities are best for the kids, who to call once a year to babysit, and how to guilt trip your husband into letting you sleep late on Sunday. Why add more decisions to the mix with multiple types of pants? Streamline your life, friend!

Now, can we all please take a moment to salute these long-lasting, stretchy, and (most importantly of all), incredibly forgiving garments for what they truly are? Modern miracles, in the form of a Spandex and Lycra blend; our constant companions, through thick and through thin.

Wear them loud and proud, ladies! (After all, there’s no going back now.)


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