Chinese Orphans (and BFFs) Reunite in Emotional Video, After Being Adopted by Texas Neighbors


When Sharon Sykes traveled to China to bring home her adoptive daughter, Hannah, she noticed that Hannah was very attached to a small boy at the orphanage named Dada. The two seemed to have an extra special bond, and as much as Sykes wanted to bring Hannah home, she felt awful separating Hannah from her friend.

But now, eleven months later, the two friends have been reunited, and that ecstatic moment was caught on video, and shared by Sykes in a Facebook post that is now going viral. (MAJOR tissue warning for this one.)

In the video post, first shared on September 8th, Sykes, a mom of three from Dallas, Texas, gives the back story to this amazingly touching moment between the two young children.

Sykes says that when the adoption process began — before she even met Hannah — she noticed that there was always a little boy by Hannah’s side in the photos she was shown. When she visited Hannah at the orphanage, she immediately saw that the two children were inseparable.

“When our agency visited the orphanage and met with the children, they walked in hand in hand,” Sykes writes. “When we were in China and toured her orphanage, Hannah became so excited when she saw Dada. They hugged and laughed just like they do here. It was obvious they were fast friends.”

Sykes simply could not get Dada out of her mind and felt strongly that he and Hannah needed to be closer to each other. In an interview with CBS News, Sykes describes Hannah and Dada’s relationship akin to that of a brother and sister. Sykes says that as soon as she brought Hannah home, she reached out to friends in a Facebook post, hoping to find a nearby home for Dada.

And thanks to the power of social media, she did just that.

Soon enough, word got through to a local couple named Amy and Christopher Clary, who ended up adopting Dada. The Clarys learned about Dada from the Sykes’ church friend, who showed the couple a Facebook picture of the boy when she bumped into them at a Chick-fil-A.

The decision to adopt the boy was made pretty much instantly, according to Sykes. “Amy Stanley Clary and Christopher L Clary walked in, they showed them Dawson’s picture and said something to the effect of, ‘Y’all should adopt him,’” writes Sykes. “Chris told me from the time to take the kids to the play area and come back, the decision was made to adopt this sweet boy. And he responded ‘Well, I’ve always wanted to go to China!’”

How amazing is that?

It still took eleven long months for the two friends to be reunited — and it broke Sykes’ heart that the two had to be separated even that long. “When we left Dawson in that orphanage, my heart hurt knowing he didn’t have a family. I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” Sykes shares.

Spending those earliest years in an orphanage can take a toll on a child, and finding connection is vital. Hannah and Dada had that very thing, and separating them meant losing the very first close bond the two had ever had. “They had so little connection, and so little consistency, [but] they had each other for those first formative years,” Sykes tells CBS News.

The video of Hannah and Dada’s reunion at Dallas International Airport is only 17 seconds long, but the love the two share comes through immediately. Dada practically knocks Hannah over with the intensity of his hugs, and Hannah is laughing and crying throughout (trust me, you’ll be laughing and crying right along with her).

Sykes is thrilled that the Clarys adopted Dada, and that Hannah and Dada can now be friends for life. “We are so grateful to the Clarys for giving him a forever home!” Sykes writes. The pair live five minutes away and are still close friends; the two families have become close as well.

“Who knows, one day we may be in-laws,” adds Sykes.

I think we’re all just counting the days down to Hannah and Dada’s wedding!

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