This Train Track Toy Is Making the Internet Lose Its Damn Mind

If you’re still stressing over #TheDress incident of 2015, then you should stop reading this article immediately because guys, it’s happening all over again.

BBC journalist Marc Blank-Settle posted a video on Twitter showing two pieces of wooden train track commonly used to transport Thomas and his merry band of train friends in households around the world.

When set on top of each other, the track pieces seem to match up exactly – but when placed side by side, one is clearly longer than the other. Please check it out and see if your mind is not totally blown.

Um what?! The laws of physics called, and they want those two train tracks to explain their behavior ASAP.

In the meantime, the Internet is freaking out and for once (OK maybe the second time) we don’t blame everyone for not-so-silently panicking.

Sir Topham Hatt would never stand for this sorcery.


UPDATE: Some very smart and not-so-easily-fooled people on Twitter discovered that this is not actually magic at all. It’s apparently all a matter of “Jastrow illusion,” an optical illusion that occurs when two identical, curved objects are placed one below the other. With this placement, the lower one appears longer. This is because your eye is comparing the short edge of the upper object to the long side of the lower one.

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