Single Dad Who Walked 11 Miles to Work Every Day Gets a Generous Surprise from Coworkers

Just when you think the world is a dark, ugly place, you hear about stories like this. Stories about a community rallying together to help one of their own. Stories about kindness and generosity and the human spirit. And thanks to his coworkers at UPS, Trenton Lewis, a single dad from Little Rock, Arkansas, knows just how giving people can be.

As one of his coworkers shared in a touching Facebook Live video, Trenton is a hardworking man who “really wanted to come to work – and he proved that because he walked to work.” But for Lewis, walking to work meant an 11-mile hike. And his shift started at 4 a.m.

Lewis never complained or asked for help, and walked those 11 miles every day for 7 months. CNN reports that his primary motivation is providing for his 14-month old daughter, Karmen.

“My pride is strong,” he told CNN. “Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

But once his coworkers got wind of his circumstances, they decided to help this proud, hardworking dad out. As CNN reports, Patricia Bryant, also referred to as “Mama Pat” and the queen bee of the place, was sad to hear that Lewis was walking to work. So she and her husband Kenneth, also a long-time UPS employee, started collecting donations.

And in the end, nearly $2,000 had poured in.


The video shows Kenneth Bryant thanking all those who helped. He then goes on to say, especially “to the young people,” that “sometimes when you hang around with good people, good things happen.”

And now Trenton Lewis knows this to be true.

“On behalf of all of us, we’d like to present you with this helping hand,” Bryant says to Lewis in front of their entire team. He then hands Trenton Lewis his own set of car keys. Lewis comes forward, head in his hands, to accept this generous gift with great appreciation.

But their generosity doesn’t even end there. Astonishingly, even after handing Lewis the keys, his fellow UPS employees dig into their pockets to search for gas money to fill his tank — and the video captures Lewis being brought to tears.

What an amazing example of the power of community. Here was a guy, attending what he thought was a union meeting, and ends up driving off the lot with his very own 2006 Saturn Ion. All because of his humble work ethic and commitment to caring for his daughter. And because of the kindness and generosity of others.

CNN reports that Lewis responded by saying, “God always has something for you. I’m never going to forget this ever.”

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