This Thoughtful Bus Driver Crocheted Personalized Stuffed Toys for All 34 Kids on Her Route

Trudy Serres lives in Wisconsin and drives a school bus for elementary kids. Four years ago, she also decided to start crocheting. Starting with a basic single stitch, she worked her way up to using patterns for her creations, and honing her skills by watching YouTube videos.

Often, Serres would crochet while she was waiting for kids to board her bus. When the kids on her route noticed her hobby, they became curious and started to ask what she was making. Soon after, she started getting requests.

“One boy asked if I could make a taco,” Serres tells Babble. “I said, ‘I’m sure I could.’ And I did. I gave it to him and he showed every student on the bus what I made. And that’s how it all started. Some of the kids wanted to know if I would make them one, and so I asked what they all wanted. It took me about three months to about 34 items.”

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Image Source: Trudy Serres

For the next three months, Serres personally crocheted individual stuffed animals for 34 of the kids who rode her bus. Some of the items included a double-scoop ice cream cone, a panda bear, and even Darth Vader, as reported by Lake Country Now.

Serres noted in a comment on the Love What Matters Facebook page that she was not paid for crocheting the toys by the school — all materials were paid for out of her own pocket and she gave her time for free.

So what made her keep going?

“The challenge of making something new with each item they asked for,” Serres shares. “And the astonishment on their faces.“

Indeed, her crocheted gifts were a huge hit with the kids. As she finished each one, she would bring it on the bus and hand-deliver it to the student it was made for — who in turn would inevitably cherish it.

“[The best part was] hearing the stories about them having to go to bed with the toy, wanting to take them to church or vacations, and returning the next day on the bus with their toy to show them to friends and teachers,” Serres tells Babble. “And actually seeing the toys being played with.”

How sweet is that?

In a world where so many kids are dealing with hard situations at home, it’s comforting to know that people like Serres are willing to give a little extra to make sure our little ones have something bright to look forward to. Here’s hoping the next school year is just as uplifting as the last one!

h/t: Love What Matters

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