Mom Perfectly Captures What It’s Like to Parent a Toddler — And It’s Hilarious

Taking care of toddlers is well … challenging to say the least!

Kristina Kuzmic, aka the “Truth Bomb Mom” of Little Things videos, shows us exactly what it would look like if adults acted like toddlers in a hilarious video.

“For any of you non-parents who are wondering why parents of toddlers are so exhausted, let me put it in perspective for you,” says Kuzmic. “Pretend what you’re about to see is your roommate who you are 100 percent responsible for.”

Fair enough.

Clad in footie pajamas, Kuzmic proceeds to jump on top of presumably her husband in bed, begging him to get up before she body slams him with her back. Sounds about right!

Next up is the bathroom — a horrifying montage of swirling toothpaste on the mirror, splashing water onto the floor, and unwinding every last square of toilet paper off the roll.

Then, from refusing breakfast, to throwing a full tantrum on a grocery store floor, and finally messing up a perfectly good spaghetti dinner, she acts out the everyday toddler behavior every parent is used to — only in full adult form.

The video has received over 7.4M views so far, pleasing parents everywhere.

Said one dad, “This hits the proverbial nail on the head regarding the little diapered wonders.”

Another commented, “I think you had way too much fun making this video. Next time, show them what it’s like when you have TWO toddlers. I will help.”

Kuzmic also creates videos about older kids, so if you parents of teenagers think no one feels your pain, you may want to check back in with the Truth Bomb Mom.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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