Twibling Rivalry: When It Comes to Potty Training Timelines, All Bets Are Off

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Image source: Thinkstock

My daughters are just four months apart (via foster care and adoption). So while they’re not twins, they’re twiblings, and up ’til now, I’ve approached each developmental stage in two’s. I switched them both from formula to milk at the same time, as well as bottles to sippy cups and sippy cups to regular cups. I change their clothes together, they nap together, snack and of course have meals together.

Consequently, I assumed I would potty train them together as well.

Best laid plans …

Ironically, it’s my younger daughter with special needs — Clementine — who is all about the potty. Even though she doesn’t have any language yet, she drags me to the toilet and sits on it with tremendous joy. She’d spend all day sitting on the potty if I let her.

My older daughter … is a completely different story. If I even so much as say the word “potty” within her ear shot she shouts “NO!”.  Usually “NO!” is followed up by an extensive diatribe about how she “CAN’T WANT TO USE THE POTTY” and her diaper “IS DRY”. Ugh.

I was raised in a time (OMG I sound like my mother), when, if a child could tell you the status of the dryness or wetness of their diaper, then it was time they put their little tushy on the pot.

But I’m torn. Creating toileting battles with a toddler is a needless recipe for disaster. I’m to stay positive, positive, positive, right?

So far I’ve been trying to use Clementine’s potty efforts as a model. My other daughter, “Sandy” (pseudonym until her adoption is complete), is totally on to me, though, and won’t even come near the bathroom to join in the ridiculous potty parties that I put on. Any attempt to even leave her diaperless (“Oops, we’re all out!”) leaves her in complete distress.

For now, I’ve decided to suck it up, be patient, and assume she’ll come around when she’s ready. I’m guessing parents of boy/girl twins experience this often too? I’d love to hear of shortcuts if someone has any!

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