UK Police Jokingly ‘Breathalyze’ Toddler for ‘Suspicious’ Driving in Adorable Photo

Image Source: Cheshire Police
Image Source: Cheshire Police

UK Police Jokingly ‘Breathalyze’ Toddler for ‘Suspicious’ Driving in Adorable Photo” originally appeared on ABC News and was reprinted with permission.

British police have proven that no citizen is above the law.

Cheshire Police Department officers jokingly pulled over a toddler who was riding around near their cruiser in a pink toy car. A viral photo shared on Facebook showed the officers’ pretending to administer a Breathalyzer test.

In a statement to ABC News, the police department said the little girl was pulled over in northwest England Friday for having no insurance and “veering from side to side.”

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“The officers were naturally suspicious, and after her parents revealed she’d had a couple of bottles that morning, they played along and pretended to take a breath test,” the statement continued. “Thankfully, the tot’s reading was clear and she was free to go.”

The incident was just a way for police to interact positively with the community, the statement explained.

“This was a great example of showing how officers are human and that they like to talk to all members of our society, no matter how old they are,” the statement read.

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