This Little Boy Discovering a Lollipop Is Stuck to His Head Is the Laugh You Need This Week

We’ve all had one of those days. You know; when you spend 15 minutes looking for your glasses, only to discover they’re sitting on top of your head. Or when you frantically search for your cell phone, when it’s been right in your hand the whole time. Or when you walk outside to say hi to Mom, and totally don’t realize you’ve got a lollipop stuck to your head.

Okay, maybe none of us have had one of those days. But that’s exactly what happened to one little boy who’s going super viral this week — and the video of it all going down is hysterical.

“What happened?” his mom asks in the 23-second clip. “How’d you get a sucker on your head?”

He might be a bit slow to realize what’s going on, but once he does, the look of astonishment on his face is truly priceless.

Our thoughts are with his mom, though — getting that lollipop out of his hair must not have been fun!

h/t: Huffington Post UK

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