Volunteers Are Needed to Knit Red Hats for Newborns This Winter for One Important Reason

Every year when the air gets a chill and I switch from iced to piping hot coffee, I get an urge to bust out my knitting needles and craft something cool and useful.

My problem is that I can never really think of anything to make … which may explain my growing collection of tea cozies and eternity scarves. This year, however, I’m super excited because I found a great knitting project that is helping moms and babies in a big way.

baby in red knit hat
Image source: Little Hats, Big Hearts

The American Heart Association has teamed up with the Children’s Heart Foundation to bring awareness to American Heart Month through a very cool project called Little Hats, Big Hearts. The project started in Chicago in 2014 and collected an impressive 300 hats for newborn babies. The red hats are given to babies to help parents to make smart choices in support of healthy hearts. The program also provides resources and educational information about congenital heart defects.

According to the CDC, there are 1 million children in the United States living with a congenital heart defect. Additionally, there are nearly two dozen common defects in how the heart functions that can put a baby at serious risk if not treated.

Baby in red knit hat
Image source: Little Hats, Big Hearts

This year, everyone is invited to participate in the month-long campaign that begins February 2018. While that may feel far away, with the holidays soon approaching, time flies faster than a sugared-up toddler. Getting started now can ensure enough time to knit … or even learn to knit.

baby in red knit hat
Image source: Little Hats, Big Hearts

As the mother of a child who spent his first month of life in the NICU diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic condition, I love everything about this project. In fact, all of my babies received knit hats made by dedicated community members who love welcoming babies into the world with gifts of warmth.

babies in red knit hats
Image source: Little Hats, Big Hearts

Taking this cute concept and adding a campaign of awareness about something as serious as congenital heart defects has my heart singing. I’m totally grabbing my needles and some red yarn this weekend!

Volunteers can donate red yarn and supplies, or knit or crochet precious red hats for newborns at their local participating hospital. If you know the difference between a knit and purl then you’re in luck, because the amazing folks at Little Hats, Big Hearts even have free patterns available.

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit Little Hats, Big Hearts

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