Parents Welcome 6 Rainbow Babies After Struggling with Infertility

Moms who have had rainbow babies know the emotional rollercoaster that comes with that pregnancy and birth. Mourning the loss of a baby, while celebrating the joy and miracle of the life you do have in your arms, is an experience like no other.

But now imagine SIX rainbow babies. At once. That’s right. Courtney Waldrop from Albertville, Alabama was already a mom to three boys. But on December 11 of last year, she became a mom of nine.

Courtney and her husband Eric desperately wanted a family, but Courtney had trouble carrying babies to term, and many of her pregnancies ended in heartache. After using IUI to conceive their twin sons, they suffered yet another miscarriage. So tried using fertility treatments one more time — but this time, however, they didn’t see twins on the ultrasound machine. More like twins x 3.

As shared on the family’s public Facebook page, God’s Divine Nine, Courtney describes the emotional day the babies were born.

“Well yesterday started out a little different than what we expected. I started contracting early in the morning and then my water broke!!!! But everything happens on God’s timing. And He knew my body couldn’t last much longer and it was time to meet our 6 precious gifts from God. Surgery around 1:30.”

However, like everything else the Waldrops have endured, this pregnancy and delivery were anything but easy. In that same post, Courtney describes being in “complete shock after growing 6 babies,” and having to get a blood infusion the day of the birth.

But of course, it was all worth it. In yet another emotional post, Courtney describes the moment she and Eric held their babies for the first time, saying:

“Yesterday was a special day for Eric and I. We got to hold all the babies at one time. We had no idea that we would get to do this so early because all but 1 baby is still on oxygen and it is a little difficult getting them all in one room. But our sweet nurses surprised us. I couldn’t stop crying!!! Getting to have all our little blessings together with us was so special. A day I’ll never forget!!”

So what better way to capture those first few precious days than with a professional photo shoot? Ashley Sargent of Ashley Sargent Photgraphy, LLC has provided the Waldrop family with images they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. As rainbow babies, the sextuplets — Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Tag, and Rivers — are lined up in birth order, wrapped in rainbow colors for what may be the most precious newborn photo I’ve ever seen.

rainbow babies
Image Source: Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

Honored to be hired as their photographer, Sargent told PopSugar that the babies truly are miracles.

“Yes, I said miracles.
Because the odds were against them…
the odds of all six babies at one time…
the odds of the babies surviving at all…
the odds of two parents accepting them all and choosing life regardless of the surprising news… you babies are miracles. There is a tremendous purpose for your life. You will shake the world.
Because after every storm… there is a rainbow.”

sextuplets with family
Image Source: Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

Rainbow babies are a special kind of gift, as they help heal the broken heart of parents who had to say goodbye to a baby they didn’t get to see grow up. The Waldrop family knows this pain all too well. But now their hearts are full and overflowing with love and gratitude for their nine beautiful children.

And I’ll bet they’ll have lots of rainbows in their future.

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