Watch A Cute Baby Sloth Eating a Hibiscus Flower

Watch A Cute Baby Sloth Eating a Hibiscus Flower” originally appeared on ABC Owned Television Stations and was reprinted with permission. 

Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and appreciate a baby’s sloth’s love of life.

Lucca, an 18-month-old, two-toed sloth, lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, where one of his favorite activities is munching on flowers.

“This is a very natural behavior for sloths living at our park,” a representative of the foundation told ABC, adding that Lucca “really enjoys eating leaves but especially Hibiscus flowers as seen in the video.”

This is not the first time ZWF has shared a video of little Lucca with one of his favorite foods. Here’s one from August 2015.

And again this past January, when Lucca was so satisfied by his snack that it soothed him to sleep.

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