10 Ways Mark Zuckerberg Is Every New Parent Ever

Sure, most people are more likely to give away cigars upon the birth of a child than $45 billion. But despite the fact that he has $45 billion and is giving it away to make the world a better place for his brand-new baby girl, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is actually just like us.

Soon after Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, welcomed their first child, Max, last month, he proved that while many (many) zeroes separate his bank account from ours, what makes him tick deep down is his daughter. Just like us!

Here are just 10 other things Zuckerberg has done that proves, while he may be part of the Silicon Valley elite, he’s now also a very proud card-carrying member of the doting-parent posse:

1. He made his version of a baby book.

Shortly before Max came along, Zuckerberg had a video produced of Chan and him for Max “to reflect and record our hopes for her and all children of her generation.” We may do this in a store-bought baby book as opposed to a sleekly produced video, but there’s no shame in either game (even if Zuckerberg’s was seen by 5 million people and yours, well, is probably only viewed by a few patient friends and Grandma.)

2. He announced his daughter’s birth on Facebook.

Well, of course.

3. He wrote his daughter an open letter.

Hmmm … where have we seen one of those before?

4. He lovingly posted pregnancy photos of his wife.


5. He loves to read to his little one.

Zuckerberg posted a Facebook photo of him and his wife reading to Max. (Quantum Physics for Babies for him, Goodnight Moon for the rest us, of course.)

6. He gained a new, more positive outlook.

Zuckerberg waxed poetic about the kind of world he wants for Max in light of the disparaging way Muslims have been spoken about in recent days. “Having a child has given us so much hope,” Zuckerberg said.

7. He practiced his daddy skills on his dog.

Zuckerberg got all giddy about his first holiday season as a dad by getting the family dog involved.

8. He stocked up.

All. The. Baby. Gear.

9. He made a plan to be involved in the first few months.

What do new parents care about? Time with their newborns. Zuckerberg is no different — hence his two-month paternity leave and the announcement that his employees will get four months off after a new child enters the family.

10. He repeats outfits. A lot.

Like many new parents (albeit mostly mothers) before him, Zuckerberg fits right into the parenting club by wearing the same t-shirt and hoodie every day.

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