10 Ways to Put a Baby to Sleep — According to One Adorable Dad

There is a Facebook page blowing up by Jordan Watson called “How to DAD” that you really, really need to follow. He’s described his page as “parenting advice you’ll actually want to listen to,” and it takes just one click to see why. Not just because he is hilarious but because the dad of “How to DAD” gives you tingles all over your body. And by all over, I mean in your lady bits.

This New Zealand hunk’s latest video titled “How to Put a Baby to Sleep” will have you laughing hysterically while simultaneously twirling your hair like a school-girl. It’s funny because it’s relatable. Parents are hostages to their child’s sleep schedule. Whether you lay with your baby until they fall asleep or choose the “cry it out method,” bedtimes are stressful for the whole family.

I remember trying and failing to get my firstborn to sleep. It felt as traumatic as trying to save a puppy from a burning building. Not that I’ve ever saved a puppy from a burning building, but I can imagine the tension would be similar. For years her bedtime went something like this: bath-time followed by gentle relaxation massage, read nine books, sing three songs — all while strumming a guitar and releasing butterflies into her room as I tiptoed out. Of course that’s not entirely true; sometimes we read 10 books.

Jordan gives us parents some alternatives in his new video, where he demonstrates tactics like “The Shush Train,” “Method Acting,” and my personal favorite “The Tap Out” (sorry, honey). By my third child, I can safely say my husband and I have adopted the “I Give Up” method. Here’s your blanket and a book to gnaw on. You’re on your own, kid.

His daughter nearly steals the show with her adorably effective listening skills. She play-sleeps on command and gives high-fives to her dad throughout the video. There is just too much cuteness for one family.

But I get it kid, with a dad like that I wouldn’t want to go to sleep either.

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