Mom Illustrates All the Ways a 2-Year-Old Can Hurt You in Hilarious Comics

Oh, toddlers. They sure are a breed of their own. And no one seems to get that quite like Weng Chen, the mom and illustrator behind The Messy Cow. Her latest comic series, aptly titled, “How a 2-Year-Old Can Hurt You,” has quickly gone viral for its hilarious portrayal of just how truly dangerous being in the presence of an uncoordinated toddler can be.

I mean, there’s the dreaded chin bang, which often results when they wield their heads around …

And the spontaneous leg grab, which always seems to happen when you’re holding something precariously …

And the unnecessary butt sit, which always manages to leave your back aching in ways you didn’t think it could …

Of course, the worst one of all — and I do mean the worst — is the surprise diaper explosion, containing the craziest diarrhea you have ever seen in your life:

Chen says that her comics were — spoiler alert — inspired by her own rambunctious kids, who are 3 and 5.

“I get hurt by them often,” she tells Babble. “You would think humans their sizes can’t do much damage to grownups, but you are wrong.”

Oh yes, SO wrong.

The accuracy of each comic is certainly resonating with parents of toddlers everywhere. Just one week after sharing her comics in on her Facebook page, it’s already racked up well over 10K reactions.

“This happens to me all the time,” wrote one user.

“So accurate,” commented another.

Many are also sharing their own gruesome stories, too.

“The other day my daughter was playing on the floor and I went to hug her,” one dad shared. “She randomly threw her head up and split my lip wide open. I’ve been hit by grown men who have done less damage.”


Chen tells Babble that she’s been drawing comics off and on her whole life, starting with manga when she was very young. But her Messy Cow comic series began just two years ago, when she was a working mom of two with plenty of inspiration swirling around her.

Since her latest series has gone viral, Chen says she’s been pretty thrilled to see that parents aren’t just laughing along, but also connecting with her drawings personally.

“People love it!” she says. “Most of the comments are like: Hahaha, this happened to me!”

She’d better get used to seeing a whole lot more comments like those flooding in — because each one of her parenting comics is more on point than the next!



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