What Does Your “Mom Car” Say About You?

We all know that cars mean different things to different people…. for example, to moms, they mean “something that transports multiple kids to activities and is covered with Cheerios.”

Here are the different vehicles that moms commonly drive, and what they say about their respective drivers:

1. Minivan

Of course this mainstay is numero uno. This car means you have your head screwed on straight and value comfort over even one iota of coolness. Even the tiniest, tenth of a percent of an iota. Moving on.

2. Regular car

You have one kid, or two kids, and a husband that refuses to buy a minivan.

3. SUV

This is the pinnacle of cool for moms. (Except for the cereal crumbs, five pacifiers, three chew toys, extra diapers, and the potty in the trunk.

4. Two seater

You’re an empty nester and damn proud of it.

5. Hybrid

You got tired of your kids chastising you about being environmentally irresponsible.

6. Actual van

You and your husband don’t believe in birth control.

7. Crossover

It crosses over from “young and spontaneous” to “mom of three” really easily.  No, actually, it just stays in the second category all the time.

8. Jeep

You have all boys and are the cool mom who enjoys being in the outdoors for activities other than strolls in the park with an iced latte. (Not that I am anything like that latter type of person.)

9. Car with a sunroof

The closest a mom will get to a convertible.

10. Pickup truck

You are one tough mother.

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