What’s Your Sign? Looking at Our Family’s Astrology

Do you know your family's signs?
Do you know your family’s signs?

I was out to dinner with friends a few nights ago when a fellow diner started asking about the newborn baby who was peacefully snoozing under our table. His name is Leo, and the conversation eventually came around to the fact that, unintentionally, he was also born under the Leo astrological sign. Astrology has never been something I’ve paid close attention to, other than knowing that I am a Pisces, and I realized I had no idea what the signs were for the other members of my family.

I came home and crawled into bed, and woke my husband up by laying there reading all about our family’s signs and what they might mean about our personalities and family dynamic. For something that I always considered kind of hokey, I found myself soaking up each paragraph, somewhat in awe of how spot on and accurate much of it seemed to be. Like anything, of course, there were some differences, but more often than not I found myself nodding along thinking, “yep that sounds exactly right.”

It turns out that Cullen is a Libra, and according to my research, this means he is very socially motivated, and thrives on relationships and communication with others. He’s not even two years old yet, but I still found it fascinating to read all about his zodiac sign and be able to recognize so many of the traits I was reading about. My husband is a Capricorn, which seems to be all about hard work, motivation, determination, and practicality. Check, check, check, aaaaaaaaand check. As I read the descriptions out loud to him, I teased that so many things made so much more sense now as far as understanding his personality goes. And then of course there is me, the emotional dreamer Pisces, unpredictable and sensitive two things I think anyone would agree I most definitely am.

Of course I’m not putting too much stock in the stars, but I’ll admit I was surprised at how accurate many of the descriptions felt. And honestly, I think it did help me gain a better understanding of how some personalities might differ and clash at times, and how that may just be a natural part of our makeup rather than a flaw of my relationships.

It also got me thinking a lot about our next impending arrival. Will he be a critical, industrious Virgo, or will I have another outgoing and social Libra? September 23rd is the turning point, so if he makes it to his due date I’ll have two crazy Libras on my hands. According to —

For a Libra, everything is better if it’s done as a pair. Libras are good when paired up, too, since they epitomize balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. While they are true team players at work, their favorite partnership is at home.

Sounds like a good set-up for brothers if you ask me, right? Let’s hope this emotional Pisces can handle whatever comes our way in a few short weeks!

Have you ever looked at your family’s signs?  

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