When You See Your Own Bad Habits In Your Kids

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Walk up to any dad with his kids and say, “he/she looks just like you.” Then sit back and watch him glow and bask in that. That’s one of the best compliments you can give a dad.

Our wives, our kids’ mothers, do most of the work and get most of the credit when it comes to childbirth. (And rightfully so!) I’m certain I wouldn’t last nine months with another person living inside me.

So when your kids looks just like you, a dad feels something wonderful. Your “contribution” to bringing forth this new life is plainly visible. But what happens when your little mini-me starts to exhibit some of your negative qualities? What happens when your kids, who act just like you did, start to show some behavior that looks very similar to your own bad habits?

It gets frustrating!

1. Will they ever stop talking?

Two of our kids are talkers. I mean really big talkers. And sometimes their stories go on and on … and on and on. I never thought of myself as a big talker, but apparently others don’t feel that way. My wife will occasionally remind me of this when I proceed to “throw up” on her with words, particularly when I’m excited about something.

2. It’s okay to lose … or not!

I was very competitive when I was a kid. Who am I kidding? I’m still very competitive and my kids, all three of them, are too. Losing isn’t accepted well. In fact, our youngest has decided that when he loses, it’s a reason to fight his siblings for beating him. Shamefully, I did the same thing as a kid when my older brother beat me. I hated losing and got “fighting mad” when I did.

3. Can’t tell ‘em nothin’!

Two of our kids are very smart, almost too smart for their own good. Sometimes we can’t tell ‘em nothin’ because they know everything already. So, the response is usually, “I know, but …” My parents tell me I was the same way.

4. My way or no way!

Sometimes our kids think there is only one way to do something — their way! This leads to contention sometimes. Then the competitive nature takes over (see #2), and nobody wants to give in. We go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth so much, to the point where it becomes moot.

5. How many times do we have to say “bye”?

Watch our family part ways. There are like 25 “byes.” It seems to never end. Sometimes I really need to get where I’m going, but get caught up saying goodbye over and over again. Ironically, one of my kids came into my office to ask me something while writing this very point. I lost a good five minutes!

I’m sure you see things in your kids that remind you of you as a kid, or even remind you of you as an adult. It can be frustrating sometimes, but at the end of the day, remember that they are your kids (you created them) and you love them no matter what!

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