These Parents Create Beautifully Surreal Family Portraits Based on Their Kids’ Personalities

Most Extra Parents is a new video series from Babble, profiling parents from around the world who go the “extra” mile for their kids, in every sense of the word. This week, we’re spotlighting the Rivera family, from Riverside, California, who take millennial parenting to the next level.

When it comes to creating family portraits, it’s nearly impossible to capture a “picture-perfect” moment. Someone always blinks, another person looks in another direction, and kids? Well, they’re just all over the place.

Some would say that if you’re actually able to score a good photo, it must be your lucky day. But for the Rivera family, that day seems to come pretty often — with some photo editing help, of course.

whimsical family portraits

Parents of three, Vanessa and Anthony Rivera, create some of the most whimsical (and 100% Instagram-worthy) family portraits that we’ve ever seen. They incorporate a variety of magical elements — from mermaid tails to dinosaurs — that are just breathtaking.

whimsical family portraits

The portraits started with Vanessa’s desire for baby photos during a period of time when the family was going through financial struggles.

“Anthony had just gotten laid off about a month before I gave birth, so we just couldn’t afford any newborn photos,” she explains. “I just remember being really heartbroken.”

However, Vanessa was able to turn this challenging circumstance into a positive opportunity.

“I took it upon myself to start playing with my camera phone and I started taking pictures of him [son Indie] myself.”

From there, the Riveras’ photos took the Internet by storm on their beautifully curated Instagram account.

The kids — Adyline, Xander, and Indie — actually play huge roles in developing the concepts of each photo.

“All of our pictures are inspired by our kids,” Vanessa shares.

Anthony adds that the photos, while surreal, do play on their kids’ actual personalities.

“[We] literally translate their personality into some superpower that they have,” he says.

whimsical family portraits

What a fun family bonding activity! After some playful family posing and Photoshop edits, the Riveras definitely create family portraits that are serious #InstagramGoals.

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