Why My Daughter’s Second Haircut Left Me in Tears

harlanhaircutIt took what felt like forever for my daughter’s hair to grow when she was a baby. My little blondie was always mistaken for a boy because her hair was so short for so long. As it finally started to get longer, I noticed little curls forming on the ends. They were so cute and quite a surprise as my husband and I both have straight blonde hair.

Month by month her blond hair would grow and the curls would get longer and longer. We had fun playing with bows, practicing different hair styles, and just playing with her blonde locks.

When she was four years old she got her very first haircut. It was a bit emotional for me because it was such a wait to get her hair as long as it was, but it was definitely time for a trim. Harlan was wonderful during the haircut and loved being pampered in the stylist’s chair. The cut made her hair look healthier and while it could have been not noticeable for some, it was a big milestone for both of us. Even with this little cut, she still had those spiriling curls in the back.

Just last weekend I took Harlan for her second haircut. She sat in the chair, just as she had last year with a smile on her face — ready to be pampered. The hair stylist cut, blow dried, and then gave her a little braid in the front. She came over to me with a huge smile telling me how much she loved it. She looked so proud and so beautiful.

I was so in awe of how happy she was that it took me a few days to notice something that nearly broke my heart. When Harlan gets out of the bath each night, she sits on my lap and we chat while I brush her hair. Yesterday she mentioned that she wanted me to blow dry it for her. Wanting to spend the quality time with her by giving her this special treat, I agreed. As I brushed her hair while drying it, I noticed that all of those curls that had formed a few years earlier were now gone.

I was holding my tears in as I finished her hair. I kept it together as I turned her around to look at me, telling her how beautiful she looked. She thanked me, gave me a kiss, and quickly ran to pick out a dress to wear for the day. The moment she was out the door, the tears started streaming down my face.

Those curls were the last bit of her babyhood. They were the only sign that my oldest daughter was still my little girl. That was it. My baby was gone and my big girl shined bright.

The curls were my way of stopping time. My way of holding onto my baby girl and slowing her down from growing up. It was selfish, I know, but they were something that I cherished. I didn’t think I would be as sentimental about it as I was, but it’s one of those moments that just catches you off guard.

With each moment and milestone that we watch our child go through, brings emotions of both joy and sadness. Happiness as we watch them flourish and become a wonderful young person, but sadness that with each milestone, they are breaking away from us just a little bit more.

Those curls were the reality that time doesn’t stand still and that my children are growing quickly before my eyes. It made me much more appreciative of these little moments with her. It’s then that I can make mental notes of what she looks like, how she acts, things she says, at every single stage.

Image courtesy of Lauren Jimeson

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