Woman Fulfills Best Friend’s Dying Wish by Adopting Her Three Children

Image source: Melissa Armstrong
Image source: Melissa Armstrong

It is during the hardest of times that you discover your truest of friends. And this couldn’t be more true for Sara, a mother of four. She is sadly losing her battle with ALS. While coming to terms with this, she simply couldn’t handle the idea of her kids being split up. So, Sara’s best friend Melissa Armstrong stepped up to fulfill her dying wish.

Armstrong, a mother of two (and one grandchild), knew it was something she just had to do. They’ve been inseparable since meeting at cosmetology school 17 years ago.

She told us:

I love these kids and have been in their lives from the day they were born. Sara and I have been the best of friends and I hold her on a pedestal. I know she would do the same for me.”

Sara is currently in hospice care, with limited time left, so Armstrong let her know the news — that she would adopt the 8-, 9-, and 11-year-old (her oldest is 18). Sara couldn’t believe it. “She just balled and was like are you kidding me and she said ‘you swear’ and I said ‘yeah,'” Armstrong told WQAD.

image source: melissa armstrong

Armstrong’s act of kindness is truly selfless. But while the security of Sara’s children is an incredible gift in itself, there was still the worry of providing a special Christmas for them. We can only imagine the pain these kids are going through with their mom’s days sadly numbered. Thankfully, yet another friend stepped up to support the family.

Rhonda Debruyn, a friend of Armstrong’s, posted on Facebook asking for Christmas gifts for the children. “My main focus was to make sure that the kids had a good Christmas because I wasn’t sure that Sara was going to be here,” said Debruyn. They were shocked to receive so many responses — enough to give these kids a happy holiday.

“I know there’s good people out there, but to see it happen for me is just kind of overwhelming,” said Armstrong. She continued, “They deserve it, they really do, it’s been a rough road.”

This extraordinary group of people has been through such a hardship the past few months that it’s truly heartwarming to see individuals come together to support them. It’s a testament to just how special they are. We wish this family the very best over the holiday season.

h/t: WQAD

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