Woman’s Clever Baby-Wearing Hack Proves Nothing Gets Between a Lady and Her Sandwich

Ever have a hankering for a sandwich, but you can’t reach the mayo in the fridge or cut the bread with a knife because, well, you need two hands to do it, and one of them is currently busy holding a wiggly child?

Prepare to be inspired by one genius woman, who wasn’t about to let such inconveniences come between her and her lunch.

On January 27, mom Claudia Sorhaindo needed to run a quick errand and left her child in the care of her niece, J’Ann. But while Claudia was out, J’Ann ran into a common problem that all parents and caregivers are intimately familiar with: How do you actually do something while holding a baby?

Well, J’Ann did not disappoint, and her epic parenting hack has now gone viral and has been shared more than 3,500 times:

Talk about a hilarious (and innovative) way to MacGyver a baby carrier in a pinch!

My first thought when I saw the baby sitting literally in the front of J’Ann’s pants? How has no one thought of this before? Not only does the baby appear to be safely snug, but she’s tucked in up to her chest, and her legs are clearly not cramped, but she looks as cozy as a baby chilling out in a regular baby carrier.

“Lord send help, this was her solution,” wrote Claudia, in the now-viral Facebook post. “Like really … creativity at its finest.”

J’Ann is obviously an awesome babysitter. Not willing to let the baby out of her sight, she devised a comfortable and practical way to solve an irksome problem of not having enough hands. It takes a smart and caring person to keep the focus where it ought to be: on the safety of the child. And while we all may be laughing at how she did it, we should also acknowledge that this young lady clearly has a sharp mind and a big heart.

Brilliant parenting hacks do two things; they solve a common problem and they do it in a cleverly simple way, making most of us want to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Some of the best hacks out there address everyday parenting dilemmas — like using temporary tattoos to list emergency contact info in case a child gets lost in a crowd, or placing a wiggly toddler in a plastic laundry basket in the bathtub to keep him from getting too wild in the water.

Every once in a while, we get lucky and strike gold in the parenting department when one smart cookie figures out a quick, simple, and cheap fix to a familiar predicament — and by the grace of the Internet, it goes viral.

We hope that J’Ann got to enjoy her sandwich, she certainly earned it.

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