Would You Name Your Baby “Quinoa” for $10K of Free Food?

Image source: Thinkstock
Image source: Thinkstock

Apple, Brie, Kale, Quinoa … are these ingredients for a tasty salad or part of a new wave of food-inspired baby names?

BJ’s Restaurants is willing to bet the latter — and they’re putting $10,000 on it.

On Wednesday, the chain launched a sweepstakes to promote their new “enLIGHTened” menu, challenging expectant parents to name their child Quinoa. The rules are simple: Have a baby, doom them to a fate of being named after a grain, and boom, win $10,000 to BJ’s.

Well, not exactly. Because only one couple can win — the first to supply proof of their baby’s name within the contest period. So it’s a very real possibility that you will commit your child to a life of quinoa puns without the oh-so-enticing reward of a $10,000 gift certificate to BJ’s restaurants. But on the other hand, BJ’s did do their research and found that while quinoa is the Beyoncé of food, no parents have yet been so inspired by their love of the grain to memorialize it in human baby form. So your baby would have an odd — but pretty dang original — baby name.

“At the end of the day, we think Quinoa could be a great baby name,” said Kevin Mayer, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at BJ’s (AKA probably the mastermind behind this scheme), “And who knows? Maybe it will start a trend.”

Well, we have to say, based on the Pinterest-documented life of our favorite (fictional) toddler named Quinoa, Mayer is probably on to something with the trendsetter angle.

The sweepstakes ends on Labor Day, so until then, we’ll be waiting with bated breath (and a quinoa burger in hand because writing this story made us hungry!) to see if anyone actually gives their child this uber-popular, protein-packed moniker.

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