Yes, I Let My 3-Year-Old Wear Makeup

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

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If you had asked me prior to becoming a parent if I would let my little girl wear makeup, my answer would have been a firm “no.” The idea of children in makeup brought to mind tiny, tiara-wearing toddlers and their accompanying stage moms — definitely not us.

But then, I had my daughter.

I dressed her in pajamas with spaceships on them and I bought her wooden Montessori toys and blocks. I gave her stuffed animals in lieu of frilly dolls and I bought her her very own tool set. I went out of my way to compliment her on things other than her appearance. I told her she was funny and clever and a hard worker and a great friend. But, despite all that (not to mention the lack of pink glitter in our house) my daughter has discovered and developed a great love of all things “girly.”

At 3.5 years old she could care less about those wooden blocks — give her all the princess dolls! She loves dress-up and imaginative play and can rarely be found wearing something that isn’t “twirly.” She loves to get dressed up for mommy-daughter date nights, and she regularly asks (and tells me) about how beautiful she is.

And guess what else she loves? Makeup.

“For my daughter, playing with makeup is simply an extension of playing dress-up.”
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For about a year she has watched me as I get ready, intrigued by the process. She is always asking me to put some makeup on her, and though I don’t always say yes, I have found ways to include her in the process — giving her a clean brush to pretend with or some clear lip gloss.

Because I’ve learned that, for my daughter, playing with makeup is simply an extension of playing dress-up. It’s make-believe and it’s fun. She’s not trying to look older than she is or trying to cover up imperfections that don’t exist. She is simply being a child, trying out something that she sees her mama doing. She mimics me all the time, with everything I do. I don’t freak out when she tries to perfect the pancakes I make in her play kitchen, so why should it be a big deal for her to try out makeup like I do?

I want to give her the room to learn and grow and explore and enjoy the things she is interested in. And if makeup is one of those things, then I’ve decided that’s OK by me. So I let her play and primp and preen and pretend to be a princess. I’ll let her swipe on a little bit of lip gloss when we go out on a date together if she asks, and the beaming smile filled with pride on her face let’s me know that I’m doing alright. I’m letting her be a kid — her kind of kid — and that is the best way I can be a parent to my little girl.

I’m looking forward to bonding together over a shared love of makeup as she gets older. Once she’s old enough, I foresee plenty of girls nights spent watching tutorials on how to achieve the “perfect cat eye” while testing them out and having a good laugh. My own mom was never really into makeup, so it will be fun to share this with my own daughter if she still has an interest in it.

Either way, if playing makeup is just a phase or something she has a lifetime fondness for, I’m happy to let her test the waters and find out what she likes best.

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