You Know You’re a Food Allergy Parent When … (Part 2)

As a food allergy parent, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to make sure your child is safe. Ain’t no mountain high enough, no ingredient list long enough, and no trace allergen small enough to keep you from protecting your child.

Others may not always understand your methods, but if they could pull back the curtain on your life, they would see a dedicated, exhausted, loving parent who is just as flummoxed by their food allergy reality as you are.

Being a food allergy parent isn’t for the faint of heart … if you weren’t tough stuff before, you definitely are now.

You know you’re a food allergy parent when …

  • You keep an impressive mental list of nut butter alternatives at the ready for all the parents who stress out over the school’s no-nut policy.
  • You have to resist the urge to bear hug any parent who packs their kid an allergy-friendly meal, so your child doesn’t have to fly solo at the lunch table.
  • You yelp at the sight of a peanut like you would if you just saw a huge spider … or the zombie apocalypse. Same difference.
  • Your inner snark threatens to come out every time someone asks if your child’s allergy is “real”, or “really that bad”. Nah, you enjoy being crazy stressed about every single thing your child eats or touches, hoping it doesn’t harm him/her.
  • You have to hold back happy tears when another parent sticks up for your child’s allergies for you. Holding down the allergy fort alone can be exhausting.
  • You chuckle with satisfaction when you think back to your pre-allergy days, when you didn’t know how to cook anything from scratch. #amateur.
  • You’ve had at least one unwarranted freak-out moment over your child’s food allergies. Sorry… not sorry. You pity the fool who jokes about your child’s food allergies.
  • Your heart breaks every time your child can’t have the same treat as everyone else.
  • You would totally pull a Freaky Friday moment so you could have the food allergy instead, even if it meant surviving middle school all over again. Now that’s love.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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