10 Adorable Ways To Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Eco Dog Coat from Annie’s Sweat Shop on Etsy

Right on the heels of Hurricane Sandy comes an unexpectedly early cold front, making us all break out the fall and winter coats to keep ourselves toasty.

But what about our pets? Just because they have fur coats (well, you know, most of them, except those odd hairless breeds) don’t assume that they couldn’t also benefit from a little covering up. I know my poor dog needs a sweater or coat on those really cold days.

Luckily your pooch or kitty doesn’t need to forgo style when bundling up for the cold months. Get ready to see the best in pet coats and sweaters.





  • Classic Hoodie 1 of 10
    Classic Hoodie
    You can't go wrong with the popular hoodie. After all, dogs ears get chilly what with that flapping around in the wind and stuff.

    Find this hoodie over at Baxterboo!
  • Classic Hoodie – For Cats! 2 of 10
    Classic Hoodie - For Cats!
    Don't forget your kitty. They have chilly ears too.

    Find a purple hoodie for your kitty at Rockindogs.
  • Stay Plaid, Cutie 3 of 10
    Stay Plaid, Cutie
    Okay, maybe this pretty little dress won't actually help with warmth, but dang it, it's cute.

    Find this dress at... wait for it... Bloomingtails, of course!
  • Dinocat 4 of 10
    A regular sweater just isn't enough for the average cat. RAWR.

    You can learn how to make this sweater for your kitty over at iheartmytho at Craftsy.
  • Hello, Kitty 5 of 10
    Hello, Kitty
    This one has actually rendered me speechless.

    Sadly, this hat is no longer for sale anywhere but Sweet Sugar Mama has a great DIY tutorial.
  • Glitz 6 of 10
    Why have an ordinary sweater? "Darling I love you but give me Bark Avenue."

    Spoil your dog with this gem from Spoilurpets.
  • The Sweater Sphinx 7 of 10
    The Sweater Sphinx
    Here's one of those hairless breeds that needs a little help keeping toast. Why not use this styling pink sweater for your kitty?

    Find this fancy at My Designer Sphinx.
  • Practical 8 of 10
    Truthfully, if you want to keep your pets toasty, go with something like this from Snowsuit from Bloomingtails.
  • Four Toasty Tootsies 9 of 10
    Four Toasty Tootsies
    Don't forget those feet in the cold and the snow! These lamb slippers are sure to fight off the chill.

    Find these, of course, at Bloomingtails.
  • Diamonds Are A Dog’s Best Friend 10 of 10
    Diamonds Are A Dog's Best Friend
    For those with, well, more money than sense, you can always clad your dog in this $5,000 coat.

    Or, you know, not and feed the homeless instead. Just sayin'.

    You can blame this on Vivenne Westwood.

Eco Dog Coat at the top of this post can be found here.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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