10 Amazing Pets and Their Olympic-worthy Tricks

Pets with olympic-worthy tricks via Babble.comThe countdown to the Summer Olympics is on! I am so looking forward to watching all the incredible athletes compete and show off all their amazing talent and training.

I can’t even imagine the amount of hard work, dedication and training that has to be done in order to make it to the Olympics, let alone win a medal, but I can appreciate all the hard work they do. I am in awe every year when I watch the athletes tackle their sports — with seeming ease.

Olympic athletes are not the only ones who become masters of very specific sports, tricks, or trades. Some of our furriest and featheriest friends have hidden talents you may not even realize were possible. Jaw-dropping, laugh-inducing, and mind-boggling are some of the adjectives I would use to describe these Olympic-worthy skills!

Click through to watch 10 Olympic-worthy tricks performed by dogs, rabbits, cats and even a hamster:

  • Dog Who Rides a Bike 1 of 10
    Dog Who Rides a Bike
    I am so in love with this video and this dog. I'm pretty sure my jaw would have hit the ground so fast if I had seen it in real life, just cruising down the street.
  • Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog 2 of 10
    Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog
    I can't dance — like, at all — but this dog ... amazing. He loves salsa music and should totally be on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Double-dutch Doggy 3 of 10
    Double-dutch Doggy
    Not only can this dog jump rope, but he can double-dutch. Even I can't do that!
  • Rabbit Who Opens Mail 4 of 10
    Rabbit Who Opens Mail
    This little guy would totally come in handy! Check out the precise way he opens up this letter, no problems!
  • Tightrope Hamster 5 of 10
    Tightrope Hamster
    Breaking away from the typical run-on-wheel exercises, this furry friend tackles a tightrope with ease.
  • Synchronized Swimmer 6 of 10
    Synchronized Swimmer
    He doesn't care that there's no one else dancing with him; he just keeps on keepin' on with amazing grace and ease.
  • Cat Doing Dog Tricks 7 of 10
    Cat Doing Dog Tricks
    Cats and dogs aren't really anything alike, but this cat would have us all fooled. Watch as he takes on all the typical dog tricks — better than some dogs.
  • Moonwalk Parrot 8 of 10
    Moonwalk Parrot
    This bird's got moves I've never seen. Okay fine, I've seen this move a lot, but never from a parrot.
  • Wall-scaling Cat 9 of 10
    Wall-scaling Cat
    This cat blew my mind! Watch the video below as he moves against gravity effortlessly up the house.
  • Trampoline Boxer 10 of 10
    Trampoline Boxer
    This is the best video on the internet. Well, I may be exaggerating, but this boxer is not only showing off his trampoline talent, he oozes happiness while doing it.
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Photo credit: screen shot from YouTube


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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