10 Awesome Pug-Themed Gifts

There’s a phrase in Latin that’s been used for hundreds of years to describe pugs: “Multum in parvo.” Translation: Big dog in a little body. If you own a pug – or are friends with someone who does – you know just how apt this saying is. Though small in stature, pugs pack a mighty wallop of personality and character pound-for-pound when compared with other canines. This might help to explain why their owners can be, well, just a tad bit obsessive about the breed and proudly showing off their pug love.

So naturally, pug-themed products abound. A quick google search turns up everything from pug t-shirts to pug golf club covers – you name it, you can probably find a pug slapped on it somewhere. But the very best pug-themed products and gifts? Well, look no further.

Here are the 10 most awesome pug gifts around (for you, or someone you pug — I mean LOVE):

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  • iPug iPhone Case 2 of 11

    Perfect for instagramming pics of your pug in action! Get your own at ialbert, $37.00.

  • Tattoo Pug Printed Tote Bag 3 of 11

    Who says pugs can't be tough? Snag one of these to carry your rough-and-tumble pug's wee leather jacket and studded collar around in at Sophie Parker, $18.71.

  • Keep Calm and Love Pugs Art Print 4 of 11

    A soothing reminder all pug lovers need every single day. Get one at  DIGIArtPrints, $15.00.

  • Jedi Pug 5 of 11

    If you (or a pug-loving pal) lean a bit more on the nerdy/geeky side of things, what could be more perfect than this Obi Pug print? Snag one at rubenacker, $18.00.

  • Pug iPad Case 6 of 11

    A handmade pug-slathered iPad case? YOU NEED THIS. NOT WANT, NEED. Get it at harrietgray, $36.49.

  • Etched Pug Glasses 7 of 11

    Can be used for entertaining guests, or as an ultra-fancy water bowl in a pinch! Double your pleasure, pug people! Grab a set at 2pugstudio, $15.00.

  • Pug Laptop Decal 8 of 11

    Proudly declare both your tech nerdiness and your appreciation for pugs with this sweet laptop decal. Pugs love apples, after all. Get one at IvyBee, $12.99.

  • Pug Life Onesie 9 of 11

    Babies need pugs too! So start the youngin' off right with this hilarious Pug Life onesie. *flashes gang sign* Find yours at LehighValleyPrinting, $14.95

  • Pugs Not Drugs Passport Cover 10 of 11

    Perhaps you (or your pug-owning friend) is a bit of a traveler? Well then this handmade Pugs Not Drugs passport cover is the obvious choice. Snag one at tinymeat, $18.00.

  • Wire Pug Ring 11 of 11

    This funky wire pug ring is fashionable and pugtastic. Goes with everything from slobber-covered jeans to a little black dress! Find yours at 1ofAkinds, $7.00.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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