10 Cats Who Have a Bigger Love for Books Than Me

10 Cats Who Love to ReadToday is back-to-school day for my kids. The house is quiet except for the remaining toddler who is feeling slightly left out as she watches her older siblings head to school.

With (most of) the kids gone, it means a quieter day for my cats who will no doubt enjoy some calm after the crazy of summer. I am sure they will spend a good majority of their day lounging on their favorite spot (the top of the couch) and watch the rainfall from the windows. They are typical lazy cats like that.

Not all cats are the sleep-all-day type of cats. There are some who take a cue from our kids and all their homework and want to increase their brain power too. Some like to watch educational television shows, some concentrate on biology (sorry mouse) and other cats like to hit the books. Perhaps these cats can teach my kids a thing or two about the importance of reading.

Click through to see 10 cats who love to read:

  • I’m Reading Here 1 of 10
    I'm Reading Here
    He does not seem impressed that you've interrupted him.
    Photo credit: edenpictures/ Flickr
  • It’s the Good Part 2 of 10
    It's the Good Part
    He is totally into this book
    Photo credit: faeryhedgehog/ Flickr
  • Nose Deep 3 of 10
    Nose Deep
    Reading for breakfast, the perfect time.
    Photo credit: raider of gin/ Flickr
  • Holding His Spot 4 of 10
    Holding His Spot
    He wants to tell you all the crazy things he just read about.
    Photo credit: Trinity/ Flickr
  • Book Love 5 of 10
    Book Love
    So in love he cuddles in his sleep.
    Photo credit: Dr. Hemmert/ Flickr
  • Educational or Self Help? 6 of 10
    Educational or Self Help?
    Could go either way here -- good or bad.
    Photo credit: Elaine Vigneault/ Flickr
  • Break Time 7 of 10
    Break Time
    He is giving his eyes a bit of a rest.
    Photo credit: Mr Thinktank/ Flickr
  • Comic Book 8 of 10
    Comic Book
    Reading doesn't have to be all novels.
    Photo credit: BH123/ Flickr
  • It’s the Good Part 9 of 10
    It's the Good Part
    He just had a break through.
    Photo credit: danja/ Flickr
  • Won’t Let it Go 10 of 10
    Won't Let it Go
    He wants to hold on to it forever. Such a good story.
    Photo credit: LUNARIX-PIX/ Flickr

Photo credit: LUNARIX-PIX / Flickr


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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