10 Dachshund-Inspired Etsy Finds for Your Home

If I were to get a family dog, a breed on the top of the list would be a dachshund — the beloved weiner dog. My husband’s family has had a cute weiner dog named Mugsy. I’ve known him just as long as my husband (13 years now) and he is one of the sweetest dogs.

It is easy to see why these dogs are so loved — they are tiny, they have a unique shape and they are loyal and loving. If you are obsessed with all things dachshund, you’re not alone which is evident by all the cute and fun products available that have been inspired by the dachshund.

Click through to see 10 Dachshund-inspired Etsy finds for your home:

  • Mailbox 1 of 10
    A cute find and perfect for the weiner dog family.
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  • Wall Decals 2 of 10
    Wall Decals
    This would be cute for a nursery or the living room.
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  • Couch Pillow 3 of 10
    Couch Pillow
    Adorable throw pillows that would be fun in the bedroom or the dog's bed.
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  • Book Ends 4 of 10
    Book Ends
    What cuter way is there to hold your books on the shelf?
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  • Clock 5 of 10
    This fun clock is a great homage to the Dachshund.
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  • Paper Towel Holder 6 of 10
    Paper Towel Holder
    What better way to keep your paper towels organized in one spot?
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  • Coasters 7 of 10
    Practical with a cute weiner dog pattern.
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  • Apron 8 of 10
    Cutest fabric ever, right?
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  • Leash Holder 9 of 10
    Leash Holder
    My favorite one because it makes sense and is practical too.
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  • Mugs 10 of 10
    Subtle way to bring the cute dog into your décor.
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Photo credit: Mugsleys on Etsy

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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