10 Dapper Dogs With Moustaches

10 Dogs with MoustachesWell, hello there gentlemen!

I am a big fan of the moustache and it seems our furry friends are getting on to the trend as well. We’ve seen cats who (luckily) have been born rocking some sweet moustaches and dogs wanted to get in on that too.

It’s kind of rare to find a dog breed that is born with the great moustache looking fur like cats, but you know what they say — fake it until you make it. These dogs do just that and enlist the help of their human friends to accentuate their moustaches or to help create the perfect on for their face.

These guys pull it off too — some more than humans who grow their own!

Click through to see 10 dapper dogs who are rocking the moustache:

  • Pink Goatee 1 of 10
    Pink Goatee
    He wanted to feel pretty and knew pink was the way to accentuate his moustache.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • What Cone? 2 of 10
    What Cone?
    he puts on a hat and a moustache and his cone is no longer noticeable.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • Ready for Work 3 of 10
    Ready for Work
    He's got his tie and glasses and of course, the 'stache and he's ready for his first day of work.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • Jealous? 4 of 10
    Little dog has a pretty impressive moustache!
    Photo credit: anglerp1/ Flickr
  • Oh, Hello! 5 of 10
    Oh, Hello!
    Such a gorgeous dog and even better with a moustache.
    Photo credit: ginnerobot/ Flickr
  • Playing the Part 6 of 10
    Playing the Part
    If your puppy can't grow his own -- help him fake it until he makes it.
    Photo credit: Maegan/ Flickr
  • I Was Cool Before This Was Cool 7 of 10
    I Was Cool Before This Was Cool
    Yes you were puppy -- yes you were!
    Photo credit: Wickerfurniture/ Flickr
  • The Best I Can Do 8 of 10
    The Best I Can Do
    Not everyone can grow a think stache. I think he's doing okay.
    Photo credit: [JP] Corrêa Carvalho/ Flickr
  • Like a Boss 9 of 10
    Like a Boss
    This dude commands authority.
    Photo credit: AZRainman/ Flickr
  • Big Dog, Little ‘Stach 10 of 10
    Big Dog, Little 'Stach
    Such a sweet little moustache on such a cute (big) dog!
    Photo credit: Jake Sutton/ Flickr

Photo credit:  Wickerfurniture /  Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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