10 Disappointed Rabbits Who Just Need a Win

One pet that I think is often overlooked is the rabbit. They’re small, which is always cute. They have adorable ears that stick up or flop down. You can get short-haired rabbits or ones with super long fur. They’re quiet, cuddly, and there are endless names you can choose to give your bunny.

They’re also very expressive. At least that’s the way I see it. Looking at these rabbits, it’s clear to me they’re very disappointed and could really use some more fun in their lives.

  • Disappointed Rabbits 1 of 11

    These guys could really use a win!

  • He Just Lost His Job 2 of 11

    He has been with the same company for 10 years, but that ended last night. Now he has to figure out a way to tell his wife!

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • She Has The Flu… Again 3 of 11

    Just last week she was in bed dealing with a terrible sinus flu. If that wasn't bad enough, she seems to have just caught a stomach bug.

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • His Car is Broken 4 of 11

    No one likes car trouble, but this guy has been having way too much of it lately.

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • His Girlfriend Left Him 5 of 11

    Breaking up is never easy to do, but it's that much more disappointing when it happens out of no where. And she leaves you for your best friend!

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • She Can’t Remember Where She Parked 6 of 11

    It's those dang parking garages where there's a million levels that all look the same. She's given up and is just going to sit here, hoping that her car will come to her. Wishful thinking!

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • Social Media Overshare 7 of 11

    He has been waiting over a week to watch last week's The Bachelor episode since he's been stuck at work. He popped on Facebook for a minute, and someone decided to give a major spoiler about who was given a rose.

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • Stressed To The Max 8 of 11

    He loves his work. Well, he used to until he got a new boss who keeps him there so late that he no longer has time for his favorite things like smelling flowers.

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • All Out of Coffee 9 of 11

    Did you ever wake up and sense that you're not going to have a good day? You have a lot of work, you forgot to do laundry so you have no clean shirts, and then the icing on the top is that you're all out of coffee. That's what this rabbit is going through.

    Photo credit: picto:graphic | Flickr

  • He’s the Gossip 10 of 11

    He caught his coworker gossiping about him at the water cooler when he rounded the corner. He just can't seem to win at work lately.

    Photo credit: Robobobobo | Flickr

  • A Cat Moved In 11 of 11

    He felt comfortable having the run of the house. He was the clear favorite. Until his family adopted a cat, who not only seems to have stolen their hearts, but chases him everywhere. He has to be cautious around every corner.

    Photo credit: negotiable_me | Flickr

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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