10 Dog Professions and the Breeds Most Commonly Used

When I was younger, I had many different ideas on what I wanted to do when I grew up. I changed my mind a few times and back again and even now, I have gone in a different direction than I thought I would. It’s my hope that when my kids grow older, they will find a profession that doesn’t feel like a “job”. I want them to find something that they love doing, that they’re passionate about, that they’re good at and that works well for a life balance.

When it comes to professions, there are a lot to choose from and it turns out, we’re not the only ones in the job field. There are many professions that dogs hold — usually in a capacity that helps us out and they are really, really good at it. Different professions need a different breedĀ temperamentĀ and so each profession has a typical breed that is used for the job.

Check out these 10 dog professions and the dog breeds that are most commonly used for each job:

  • Dog Professions and Common Breeds 1 of 11
    Dog Professions and Common Breeds
    There are many jobs that dogs can hold and it's everything from sniffing out weapons to making us happy.
  • Detector Dogs 2 of 11
    Detector Dogs
    These dogs are used to sniff out drugs, bombs, weapons or other illegal items and can be found in airports, crime scenes and there are even dogs who can sniff out bed bugs in hotels. Common breeds used for this job is Golden or Labrador retrievers.
    Source: Encyclopedia
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  • Tracking Dogs 3 of 11
    Tracking Dogs
    Used to track down people on the run, missing or even items, tracking dogs breeds are chosen for their great sense of smell. Common breeds for this job include Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bloodhounds, Australian Shepherds, and Newfoundlands.
    Source: Animal Den
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  • Home Guard Dogs 4 of 11
    Home Guard Dogs
    If you're looking for a dog to protect the security of your home, many suggest getting a Bullmastiff. They protect through using the size and weight of their body to knock people over, but it's also know to be a friendly and docile animal in their family environment.
    Source: Cesear's Way
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  • Prison Guard Dogs 5 of 11
    Prison Guard Dogs
    Some prisons are now using dogs to act as an intimidation factor and to keep prisoners in line while serving time behind bars. Commonly used breeds for this job include German shepherds, rottweilers and Belgian malinois, with a few boxers and pit bulls.
    Source: KBOI2
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  • Hunting Dogs 6 of 11
    Hunting Dogs
    Used to help people hunt for birds, small animals or deer, the Brittany dog is one that's often used for this job.
    Source: Outdoor Canada
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  • Search and Rescue Dogs 7 of 11
    Search and Rescue Dogs
    The Search and Rescue dog is used to help rescue people or items that are lost, missing or injured from a natural disaster. Common breeds used for this job is German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Golden Retrievers
    Source: Dog Owners Guide
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Herding Dogs 8 of 11
    Herding Dogs
    Used to help herd cattle and other livestock on the farm, the German Shepherd is the most commonly used dog breed for this job.
    Source: German Shepherd Herding
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  • Livestock Guarding Dogs 9 of 11
    Livestock Guarding Dogs
    Used and breed to protect livestock on the farm from predators, the Tibetan Mastiff is the most commonly used breed for this job.
    Source: Canadas Guide to Dogs
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Hearing-Ear Dogs & Seeing-Eye Dogs 10 of 11
    Hearing-Ear Dogs & Seeing-Eye Dogs
    Service dogs to help people who are deaf, blind or both, these dogs help in the every day getting around. Common breeds used are Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and German Shepherd.
    Source: Guide Dogs of America
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Therapy Dogs 11 of 11
    Therapy Dogs
    Used in many different capacities from providing comfort to people in the hospital, nursing homes, autistic individuals or people who have illnesses, therapy dogs have various breeds depending on the need.
    Source: Therapeutic Paws of Canada
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