10 Dogs Afraid Of The Vet Share Their Escape Plans (Photos)

10 Dogs Afraid Of The Vet Share Their Escape Plans (Photos)Sometimes I think that my dogs listen to me when I call the vet and make an appointment because it seems like they instantly know what is looming in the near future. We walk down the same block or drive down it over and over again but when we are on the way to the vet, they instinctively know where they are going.

Once our black lab, Django, gets inside the vet’s office, she refuses to walk to the back, and into the examination rooms. It is a struggle just to get her in to see the doctor at all. Our chihuahua, Hayley, does not even want to walk inside the front door, and refuses to walk up the three steps to get inside the office at all. But since she’s small we can pick her up.

Does your dog freak out when they have to go to the vet? Many dogs do, especially dogs afraid of the vet like the ones below. Watch their expressions when they find out just where they are going!


  • These pups are sly… 1 of 11
    10 Dogs Afraid Of The Vet Share Their Escape Plans (Photos)
  • Bad Memory 2 of 11
    dogs afraid of the vet

    You do remember what he did with that thermometer, right?

    Image: Flickr/quickxkid

  • Your Choice 3 of 11
    Dogs Afraid Of The Vet

    I'll go... but just remember, I can't be responsible for what I do with these pearly whites when I get there.

    Image: Flickr/mushmouth26

  • Quick Getaway 4 of 11
    dogs afraid of the vet

    I heard the call and I know what my owner is planning, so I am outta here!

    Image: Flickr/Olga Ponomareva

  • Home Remedy, Please! 5 of 11
    Dogs Scared Of The Vet

    I know I cut my paw but I swear, I think these socks will do the trick!

    Image: Imgur

  • Let’s Make A Deal 6 of 11
    dogs scared of vet

    I'll happily take a bath instead.

    Image: Imgur

  • Bad Hiding Spot 7 of 11
    dogs scared of the vet

    And I thought this table would work!

    Image: Flickr/spilltojill

  • Sheer Terror 8 of 11
    dogs scared of vet

    If I stay this still, maybe they'll think I'm a statue.

    Image: Imgur

  • Bring It On 9 of 11
    Dogs Scared Of The Vet

    Remember the last time I came home drugged up and loopy? Yes, yes, take me to the vet!


    Image: Flickr/ juliealicea1947

  • We’re Going Where? 10 of 11
    Dogs Scared Of The Vet

    I heard that phone call you just made, and all I'm saying is, shouldn't you have consulted me first?

    Image: Flickr/richardgschulz

  • Timing Is Everything 11 of 11
    Dogs Scared Of The Vet

    You said 4 o'clock...and it's only 3:45. I set my watches!

    Image: Flickr/Dan Harrelson


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