10 Dogs Come Clean About Back-to-School Season

While my kids have been dreading back-to-school season for a few weeks now, our dogs don’t know what’s coming. They have been positively giddy with all the additional hugs and cuddles, late-night walks, and loads of extra attention. It’s not that they won’t get attention and walks when school starts up again, but I admit, it won’t be the same.

Our dogs have been the focus of many lazy summer days. They have been with us on park excursions and swam with us on many pool days. They have become accustomed to being with someone most of the time. Now with three kids off to school next week, the house will be quiet Monday through Friday. It will also be filled with hectic mornings,  homework, and early bedtimes.

Many dogs, in fact take out their angst over the abrupt September change with acting out by chewing or destroying things in the home. (Read these tips for preventing your dog from destroying your home once the kids go back to school.)

Since dogs are highly perceptive creatures, they are sensing that big change is coming their way… and many are not happy about it!

In fact, the dogs below are sharing their real, true feelings about back-to-school season, and it’s definitely not pretty!

  • It’s that dreaded time of year 1 of 11
    back to school dogs
  • Pure disbelief 2 of 11
    back to school dogs

    So I'm supposed to stay in this house by myself all day?

    Image: Flickr/Straymuffin

  • Excuse Me 3 of 11
    back to school dogs

    What do you mean my kids have to go to school?

    Image: Flickr/Wieselblitz

  • Say it ain’t so 4 of 11
    back to school dogs

    I refuse to acknowledge this. Please let them stay home with me!

    Image: Flickr/ FoolishMe

  • Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah 5 of 11
    back to school dogs

    Better you than me, my friend!

    Image: Flickr/Christopher Chadwick

  • A wing and a prayer 6 of 11
    back to school dogs

    Dear God, I've been a good dog. Please let my boys and girls stay home with me this year. I'll do anything. I swear.

    Image: Flickr/cynTEAa 

  • What!? 7 of 11
    back to school dogs

    Who is going to share their lunch with me?

    Image: Flickr/malamutechaos

  • If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em 8 of 11
    back to school dogs

    I guess I'll brush up on my reading.

    Image: Flickr/doglington

  • I’m your biggest supporter 9 of 11
    back to school dogs

    And I promise to be your study buddy.

    Image: Flickr/alicejamieson

  • Me too! 10 of 11
    back to school dogs

    I'll brush up on current events.

    Image:  Flickr/pjovertherainbow

  • The scare tactic 11 of 11
    back to school dogs

    Show me those teachers!

    Image: Flickr/ Louis Abate

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