10 Dogs That Look Like Other Animals from Pandas to Pigs! (Photos)

panda_dog1-1Don’t let your eyes deceive you; this collection of photos isn’t of lions, tigers or bears — these are photos of dogs. A variety  of dogs that look eerily like other animals.

Some of these dogs just naturally look like other kinds of creatures, while others were painstakingly primped and primed by owners looking to transform their canines into something very un-dog like.

above: The Panda Dog
There is an interesting trend in Asia, where “Panda dogs” have become a popular pet. Would you want one?


The Polar Bear Dog 1 of 9
This large, white, furry dog naturally looks a whole lot like a polar bear, but he's probably far more friendly.

Photo credit: ImgArcade
The Zebra Dog 2 of 9
This dog was carefully painted with stripes to make him resemble a zebra. But the pose is very un-zebra-like.

Photo credit: Social Paws
The Horse Dog 3 of 9
This ain't no Clydesdale! This is a very carefully coiffed dog styled to look just like a horse. It appears that he was part of a contest of some sort - here's hoping he won that blue ribbon!

Photo credit: Popular Emails
The Lion Dog 4 of 9
This dog has the noble look of a lion...with the help of a costume mane, that is.

Photo credit: The Happy Dog Spot
The Pig Dog 5 of 9
This dog apparently likes his food. A lot. So much so, in fact, that the dog's belly makes him look more like a pig than a pup.

Photo credit: Buzz Inn
The Buffalo Dog 6 of 9
This is an amazing feat! Somehow the dog managed to get the pose totally perfect to go with the ideal buffalo haircut.

Photo credit: Look-Alikes Pictures
The Fox Dog 7 of 9
This one isn't that far of a stretch since dogs and foxes are related, but this dog really proves a family resemblance.

Photo credit: Pixgood
The Tiger Dog 8 of 9
Here is another example, like the zebra dog, of a canine being painted to look like an other creature. He's a pretty happy looking tiger, ain't he? I wonder if he likes Frosted Flakes.

Photo credit: Social Paws
The Camel Dog 9 of 9
After another stunning feat of grooming, this dog really went through an amazing transformation.

Photo credit: Uproxx

Image via Flora’s Life

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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