10 Extinct Animals My Kids Will Never See

It’s almost Earth Day, and now is the time to reflect and see how we can better do our part to help protect our planet. Let’s face it, we humans don’t always treat the Earth with the kindness that it deserves. It’s not hard to imagine that humans are the leading cause of a lot of the environmental deterioration we see today.

It’s easy to ignore these problems when it’s not affecting you directly, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Take, for example, the growing list of species that are endangered or have disappeared altogether. Some of these extinct animals seemed to be pretty cool creatures, but unfortunately none of us or our kids will ever see these animals in real life.

  • 10 Animals We Won’t Ever See Again 1 of 11
    10 Animals We Won't Ever See Again
    It's sad to think that we won't likely ever come across these animals ever again.
  • Kangaroo Island Emu 2 of 11
    Kangaroo Island Emu
    This species was last recorded to be seen way back in 1918 and was declared extinct in 1836.
    Source: Australian Government. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Dodo Bird 3 of 11
    Dodo Bird
    The dodo bird was a flightless bird related to the modern pigeon. The last living dodo was seen in 1681.
    Source: Discovery. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Great Auk 4 of 11
    Great Auk
    In 1844, the last known living pair and one egg were captured in Iceland. It's now only known through scientists' collections of bones, skin and eggs.
    Source: / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Choiseul Crested Pigeon 5 of 11
    Choiseul Crested Pigeon
    This bird is from Choiseul, Solomon Islands, and it has not been sighted since 1904. Researchers speculate that it was killed off by feral dogs and cats.
    Source: Birdlife. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Thylacine 6 of 11
    Also known as the Tasmanian tiger, the Thylacine was last captured in 1933. There are many who are still searching for any signs they still are alive, but to no avail.
    Source: ABC Science. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Lesser Bilby 7 of 11
    Lesser Bilby
    This cute looking animal was not a herbivore like you may think -- it hunted and ate smaller rodents. The lesser bilby was recorded as extinct in 1950.
    Source: Rainforest Info. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Javan Tiger 8 of 11
    Javan Tiger
    This tiger breed is totally extinct with none remaining in the wild or captivity. The last sighting of a Javan tiger that was formally documented was in 1972.
    Source: / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Western Black Rhinoceros 9 of 11
    Western Black Rhinoceros
    In 2011, the Western Black Rhino was declared extinct. It's cousin, the white rhino, is in great danger of meeting the same end.
    Source: BBC News. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Rodhocetus 10 of 11
    Using fossil and skeletal remains, researchers were able to estimate that the rodhocetus was about 8 feet long and most likely moved like an otter.
    Source: New York Institute of Technology. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Kentriodon 11 of 11
    This creature is an older relative of the dolphin, and lived between 30 and 15 million years ago. They were found in Asia, Europe, New Zealand and the United States and it is thought that movement of the tectonic plates and environmental changes caused this animal to vanish.
    Source: Bottle Nose Dolphin. / Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.


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