10 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat

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Even typical picnic food can make your dog very sick.

Summer is almost here which means that for many of us, there will be an abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies around the house. If you’re like most of us, you probably can’t help but hand off a bite of a snack to your pup every now and then.

Our lab Django loves grapes. She will sit and lean her head to one side and then lay her furry chin on top of your knee. So, with a pushover owner like me, she usually gets a small piece of something. How bad could fruit be, I thought. It turns out it can be quite bad — even deadly.

Actually, grapes are one of the worst foods your dog can eat, a little fact I just learned only a few months ago. Since then, Django has not had any grapes whatsoever.

There are several seemingly innocent and even mild foods that you might consider harmless, but which can cause great distress to dogs and puppies.

Here are 15 foods that dogs should NEVER eat:

  • Milk, Dairy, Ice Cream 1 of 10
    Milk, Dairy, Ice Cream
    While they probably won't cause a serious reaction in your pup, milk based foods can cause diarrhea and stomach disturbances, and leave your pet feeling pretty terrible.
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  • Avocado 2 of 10
    They contain a substance called persin, which in large amounts can be fatal to dogs. So keep don't share those delish guacamole chips, and if you grow avocadoes, section off a spot that your dog cannot enter.
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  • Chocolate 3 of 10
    Luckily, many of us already know that chocolate is highly toxic for dogs. It's the chemical theobromine that causes the distress and all types of chocolate are harmful. The worst offenders are dark chocolate, unsweetened baking chocolate and chocolate mulch.
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  • Coffee 4 of 10
    Ok, so what dog is gonna drink coffee? Well, that would be our lab, Django … again. If you have a coffee cup, she will try to get in your lap and lick it every time. Large consumptions of any caffeine (including those in energy drinks, sodas, cocoas, and even some medications) can cause death. And there is no antidote for caffeine overdose.
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  • Grapes 5 of 10
    Seemingly harmless, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Even a small amount can make dogs sick. Repeated vomiting is a telltale sign.
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  • Candy and Gum 6 of 10
    Candy and Gum
    But probably not why your think. Any foods sweetened with xylitol can be damaging. Xylitol causes a dog's blood sugar to drop and might also cause liver failure. So many low fat, diet snacks are off limits!
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  • Macadamia Nuts 7 of 10
    Macadamia Nuts
    These seemingly natural food can be fatal to dogs. Only a few can make them sick and if they eat cookies with chocolate in them, that ups the chance of it being fatal.
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  • Onions and Garlic 8 of 10
    Onions and Garlic
    A little won't do any long term damage but prolonged consumption of onions and garlic breaks down a dog's red blood cells, which can lead to anemia.
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  • Raw Meat and Fish 9 of 10
    Raw Meat and Fish
    It's common sense that if we shouldn't eat raw meat and fish, neither should our pets. Raw meat may contain ecoli, salmonella among other bacteria. Raw fish might have parasites. Any raw meat, poultry, and fish is a no no.
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  • Yeast Dough 10 of 10
    Yeast Dough
    Just like in an oven, if it ends up in a dog's tummy, it will rise and expand causing your dog's belly to swell- and a lot of pain. Oddly enough, the yeast ferments the dough, it produces alcohol which might cause alcohol poisoning.
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Source: PetMD

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