10 Fun Cat Scratchers For Sale on Etsy

The corners of my one room that’s got carpet is ruined thanks to my cats using the carpet as a cat scratcher. Though they’re no longer here with us (they passed away at the beginning of the year), their memories are all still here with me each time I look at the ugly torn up carpet in my bedroom.

It’s not a good look so I don’t suggest allowing your cats to scratch where ever they want. They need to scratch to keep their nails short and that’s where cat scratchers come into play. We picked up a simple carpeted board that we lean on the wall for our new cat Ariel, but we’ve never seen her actually use it.

This weekend, we went and got a more elaborate cat scratcher — a carpeted cat tree. Something she can use to keep her nails in true beauty form and a fun thing just for her to lounge and play on.

If you’ve got a cat — or are thinking of getting one — you may want to check out these 10 cat scratchers you can buy off Etsy sellers and save your floor carpets:

  • 10 Fun Cat Scratchers For Sale on Etsy 1 of 11
    cat scratchers

    Save your carpet and keep your cat happy!

  • Tower, Perch and Scratcher 2 of 11

    This cat tree gives your cat a lot to do on it and a lot of spots to choose to sit. It's got a gorgeous fabric or you can request an alternate one if you prefer.

    Want one? Get it from DrennenDelights | Etsy, $850

  • Twig Post 3 of 11

    How cute is this cat scratcher designed to look like a tree twig? It's a nice color that will compliment and not hinder a room.

    Want one? Get it from cactuswax | Etsy, $40

  • Jungle Scratcher 4 of 11

    If your cat is a fan of the leopard print or it's perfect for your house decor, this is a fun one to choose from.

    Want one? Get it from RedBirdMusic| Etsy, $58

  • Scratch Pad 5 of 11

    If you're not a fan of the large cat scratcher tress, this pad keeps your furniture safe and gives your cat the care they need.

    Want one? Get it from ThePracticalCat| Etsy, $15

  • Simple, But Effective 6 of 11

    Sometimes simple is better and I like the different fabric vs twine with the neutral colors.

    Want one? Get it from FurryFortress | Etsy, $75

  • Cat Shelf 7 of 11

    If you don't have a lot of floor space but are looking for something to put on the wall, this is a cool option. It is carpeted as well making it good for a scratching post.

    Want one? Get it from CloudNineCatTrees| Etsy, $225

  • Two-Tier Tower 8 of 11

    There are toys here, places to lay and perch plus plenty of space for your cat to scratch and climb.

    Want one? Get it from IncredibleCat | Etsy, $298

  • All The Perches 9 of 11

    If you have more than one cat or a cat who gets easily bored, this cat tree plus scratcher is a fun choice with many places to play.

    Want one? Get it from IncredibleCat | Etsy, $899

  • Corner Shelf 10 of 11

    I love how this one tucks into the wall and doesn't take up too much space. It's also perfect for one or more cats.

    Want one? Get it from customcatdoors11| Etsy, $174.40

  • Tree House Awesome 11 of 11

    This is one of the more fun ones I've come across and what cat wouldn't love it? A house to hid away in and a pretend tree to sit in. It's also got other levels and plenty of scratching space.

    Want one? Get it from PetTreeHouses| Etsy, $999


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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