10 Impressive Tech Gadgets for Pets

10 Impressive Tech Gadgets for Pets

Technology has really taken off in the years that I’ve been really paying attention. There is a new tech gadget out every week it seems and more and more are making their way into our daily lives. I can’t imagine what I did before my smartphone and having the ability to have the Internet with me at all times, and I can only imagine how different the world will be with the boom of technology even just a few years from now.

I love my tech gadgets and when it comes to pet ownership, there are many products that can help make life a little easier — for a variety of reasons. If you love fitness, if you love adventure, or if you’d love to own a pet with less mess — there is probably an impressive tech gadget that will make your and your pet’s life easier.

Check out these 10 impressive tech gadgets for pets:

1. FitBark

If your dog has problems with his fitness or you’re just wanting to keep track of how many steps your pup takes, the FitBark is the dog’s version of the FitBit (not owned by the same company). Your dog wears the sensor on his collar and you can keep track of everything from steps to heart rate.

Want it? Buy it from FitBark, $99, it releases this summer!

2. Tagg

One of the worst things for dog owners is when your dog goes missing and you’re feverously duplicating those LOST DOG posters in hopes someone will spot him. With Tagg, you don’t have to worry so much because this GPS tracker will locate your pet’s whereabouts and you can track your pooch on your phone before you have time to put together a LOST poster.

Want it? Buy if from Tagg, $99.95.

3. The Woofer

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you wish you had speakers with you so you and your dog could rock out to your music? All you had on hand was those Apple headphones that are way too inconvenient to hold to your dog’s ears. Well, no more worries because The Woofer is a dog jacket that is comfortable for your dog that just happens to have an input and speakers for your iPod or MP3 player.

Want it? Buy it from The Woofer, $100-120.

4. Wild Pet’s Eye View Camera™

IF you and your pet love adventure and making memories through video, this awesome tech gadget may be right up your alley. The Nat Geo WILD™ Wild Pet’s Eye View Camera™ does just what it sounds like – it’s a camera you strap you your pet that shows the world from their view.

Want it? Get it from Uncle Milton, $39.99

5. FroliCat Bolt

Cats are curious creatures and if you’ve ever seen a cat whose caught a glimpse of light bouncing off your iPhone, you’ll know cats love chasing light. The FroliCat Bolt mimics that and uses a laser that is interactive and mesmerizes your cat during playtime. It does all the work for you so you can use your phone without your cat jumping at you.

Want it? Get it from PetSafe, $22.95

6. AugieDog Stool Tool

One of the downsides of having a dog is cleaning up their poop when you’re going for a walk. The AugieDog Stool Tool takes all that annoying out of the dog for you and does the scooping itself. No hassle, no joke.

Want it? Get it from AugieDog, $149.99

7. Bark Terminator

This dog bark collar is not like the rest because this one is customized to your dog and your dog’s bark. It can determine between a noise and a howl or a bark and will shock or just send a sound when your dog is barking for no reason.

Want it? Get it from HiTechPet, $159.99

8. Radio Mat ™

This product is designed with high tech sensors to help your pet learn that that couch or your bed are not for him. This sensor will send out a signal to the collar on your pet when they try to lay where they’re not supposed to and re-correct their behavior. You don’t have to worry about your dog jumping into your bed the second you leave anymore.

Want it? Get it from HiTechPet, $129.95

9. GoDogGo Ball Launcher

It’s no secret that dogs love to play fetch, but maybe you’re not totally into it. This product will take all that work out of throwing the ball for you and can keep your pet entertained by throwing that ball for you. Its remote controlled so you can still be active, without actually throwing.

Want it? Get it from GoDogGo Inc, $139.99

10. Litter Robot

Cats mean litter and that’s not fun to clean – trust me. But, if you get yourself and your cat a high-tech litter box, it takes all the annoying out for you. This Litter Robot is self-cleaning and takes care of all the mess for you. It has a weight-sensor so it knows when your cat has entered and when she’s finished, it goes into a 7-minute clean cycle to get all the mess out of the way.

Want it? Get it from Amazon, $369.00

Will you be getting any high-tech gadgets for your pets?

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