10 Love-Inspired Names for the Dog You’re Getting for Valentine’s Day

Love-Inspired Names for the Dog You're Getting for Valentine's Day
I am not at all what you would consider a romantic person. I don’t care for cheesy things, don’t live up to the hype of telling someone you love them every single time you see them and I just don’t care for the lovey-dovey.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are thinking about what to get for their loved one. If I cared for the day, I would have asked for something simple as chocolate or if you asked me a few months ago I would have asked for a cat. We welcomed a cat into our life about 2 weeks ago, so this Valentine’s Day I am just hoping for a face-sized basket of chocolate.

If you’re a dog person and you’ve been wanting a dog as part of your family forever, this may be the time to ask for one. If you’re lucky enough to get a dog this Valentine’s Day — perhaps you want to give them a name inspired by the love-holiday.

Check out these love-inspired names for the dog your loved one is sure to get you for Valentine’s Day:

  • Demetrius 1 of 10
    It's a complicated name for a child, but totally fitting for a dog. Demetrius was a character in A Midsummer's Night Dream Demetrius was a center for a love story.
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  • Aiko 2 of 10
    I love this name for a dog and it would be perfect for your Valentine's Day puppy. It can work for a male or female dog and with the meaning "love child" it's perfect for Valentine's Day.
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  • Amour 3 of 10
    In French, it means "love" and would be perfect for that new love in your life. Could work for a male or female dog.
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  • Beatrice 4 of 10
    Used to be a popular person name, but it's falling in the ranks. When it comes do dogs though, it would make a great female dog name. It means "bringer of joy" making it perfect for your Valentine's Day dog.
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  • Teddy 5 of 10
    A name fitting only for a dog and who doesn't love their teddy bear. This name is a perfect fit for a cuddly bear-like dog.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Princess 6 of 10
    For a female dog you get for Valentine's Day, give them the name of envy, Princess.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Juliette 7 of 10
    Who doesn't know the story of Juliette from Romeo and Juliette? This name means love and would be perfect for your female dog.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Beau 8 of 10
    It means boyfriend and who doesn't love their boyfriend. When you get a new one from your current one for Valentine's Day, this is a fitting name.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Romeo 9 of 10
    The other half of the Romeo and Juliette story, if you get a male dog it's the ultimate lov estory.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Galaxy 10 of 10
    May not seem like an obvious love-inspired choice, but if you love your dog as much as the galaxy is big, it's a totally fitting name.
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