10 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds We Should All Own

CatIf you’re not a cat lover, you may think that all cats basically look the same. They all have big eyes, a cute nose and whiskers.

While all that is true, there are many different breeds just as there are dogs that each have their own look and their own temperament that goes along with it. Some cats are long-haired, some short. Some cats have more “cat-titude” than others and some have more gorgeous eyes than you could ever imagine.

I have selected my picks for the most beautiful cat breeds. Most of my choices have long hair because I just can’t get over the FLUFFY, but there are gorgeous short-haired cats with some pretty impressive markings on the list as well

Click through to see the 10 most adorable cat breeds we should all own:

  • Russian Blue 1 of 10
    A blueish grey color, these cats are intelligent and playful.
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Norwegian Forest Cat 2 of 10
    Fluffy cats are always going to be on the top of my list and this little guy has adapted to the cold with that coat.
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Turkish Angora 3 of 10
    They have many different colored eyes, but are often known for their double colored eyes and long hair
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Himalayan 4 of 10
    Fluffy and white, it's hard not to love the look of this cat. This cat looks a lot like another breed but that's because it's a cross between two different breeds (Siamese and Persian)
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Exotic Short Hair 5 of 10
    This guy was breed to be similar to a Persian in personality, but with out all the hair. I say he's all cute!
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Ragdoll 6 of 10
    Considered "semi-long haired" this adorable cat is very docile and gorgeous blue eyes.
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • Siberian 7 of 10
    Popular in Russia, this cat is considered hypo-allergenic and well, he's adorable too!
    Photo credit & source: Wikipedia Commons
  • American Short Hair 8 of 10
    A well-known cat around these parts, this cat is classic, adorable kitty.
    Photo credit Wikipedia Commons
  • Savannah 9 of 10
    Seriously, how gorgeous right? A cross between a domestic and serval cat he's has amazing markings on his fur.
    Photo credit & source:Wikipedia Commons
  • Persian 10 of 10
    My number 1 pick for the most gorgeous cat is thanks to the fur and amazing eyes. A very happy personality, this guy is said to be great for apartment life.
    Source: Wikipedia
    Photo credit Magnus Bråth/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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