10 Most Unusual Looking Cat Breeds

Now, I love cats and it is would be hard for me to find one that I think is actually ugly — because they are all going to be cute. I love all things about cats, but can recognize that not all breeds are the adorable, fluffy kittens that probably come to mind first.

There are some cat breeds that are more unusual then adorable. I am not going to say ugly, because like I said, I am one of the odd ones who still find these breeds cute. Some are lacking in hair and are instead covered in wrinkles. Others have short tails or short legs, but there is no denying. These are some unusual cat breeds.

Click through to see the most unusual and weird looking cat breeds:

  • Cornish Rex 1 of 10
    These cats are known for their fur, or lack there of. They are covered in down hair and often look like they are losing their hair.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Crymic 2 of 10
    These cats have unique markings on their fur and tend to be on the heavier side. With big eyes and short stocky bodies, these cats are adorable but unusual.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Peterbald 3 of 10
    Long, elegant looking and short hair, this unusual breed has a head that may appear slightly too small for it's body.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Munchkin 4 of 10
    Although not recognized as an actual breed but more an abnormality, the Munchkin looks like normal cats. One thing is different though, they have really short legs.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Sphynx 5 of 10
    One of the more popular 'ugly cats' the sphynx they are near-hairless, with big ears and huge eyes.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Devon Rex 6 of 10
    Short hair, long ears and big eyes, this breed is known for their almost-not-there curly whiskers.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Japanese Bobtail 7 of 10
    These cats don't have the usual long tail that most cats have. Their tail more resembles that of a rabbit.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Savannah Cat 8 of 10
    A cross between a domestic cat an a sevral cat, these little guys have really unusual fur patterns.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Oriental Shorthair 9 of 10
    Big hears and an angular face, the Oriental Shorthair resembles a Siamese cat.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Ukrainian Levkoy 10 of 10
    The inward ears and little to no hair, this cat breed is definitely memorable.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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