10 Most Unusual Looking Dog Breeds

I will be right out honest and say that it is not typical of me to find any dogs cute. They are nearly all adorable as puppies, but apart from the daschund and the newfoundlander, full grown dogs will always have things about them that make them just a bit odd for me.

That being said, there are some breeds of dog that take the cake when it comes to odd and unusual looking features. Whether it be how they are typically groomed, the texture of their fur or the lack of fur all together, unusual dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Click through to see the 10 most unusual looking dog breeds:

  • Afghan Hound 1 of 10
    Afghan Hound
    Most recognized for it's long silky hair, to me it just reminds me of Cousin It from the Addams Family.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Wirehaired Vizsla 2 of 10
    Wirehaired Vizsla
    Also known for it's fur that has the feel similar to wire bristles. It's very muscular and lean as well. This one in particular reminds me of an old man.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Toy Trawler Spaniel 3 of 10
    Toy Trawler Spaniel
    With long ears, curly hair and short body this dog just looks interesting to me. More cat than dog.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 4 of 10
    Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
    Personally, I think all terriers are weird looking - alien even. They don't shed very often making this breed a favorite among those with allergies.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Silken Windhound 5 of 10
    Silken Windhound
    Long, angular body this breed is just strange looking. Like a greyhound with more hair.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Rampur Greyhound 6 of 10
    Rampur Greyhound
    One of the weirdest looking dogs to me, this breed always looks hungry - though they are fast and strong.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Portuguese Water Dog 7 of 10
    Portuguese Water Dog
    A breed of dog that does not shed, they can be found with curly or wavy hair. They are often groomed in fun ways making them strange and unusual looking.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Poodle 8 of 10
    I think if this breed of dog was left to their own grooming, they wouldn't look so weird. They tend to be groomed to have these puffs of hair around their legs and chest.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Peruvian Hairless Dog 9 of 10
    Peruvian Hairless Dog
    A naked dog -- covered only in wrinkles, when you are expecting to see fur this breed is totally unusual.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
  • Shar Pei 10 of 10
    Shar Pei
    If wrinkles are your think then I can see you loving this dog. For me, the deep set wrinkles that make this breed notable, it's definitely more unusual than cute.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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