10 Most Wacky Cat Names of 2013

When we first picked our cat Ariel up from the local animal shelter, I wasn’t too keen on her name. It’s a little more girly for a cat than I would have chosen, but since that was the name she had, we kept it. The longer we’ve had her, the more I am realizing that her name is perfect because it’s respectful, not-too-common, but not totally out there either.

While I love unique names for my children, when it comes to cats, I like them to have names that are more ordinary. I still want some uniqueness, in that you won’t find a million other cats with the same name, but I like the typical people names for cats instead of the “pet name” names we typically give to cats, like Fluffy or Missy.

Veterinary Pet Insurance, on of the largest providers of pet insurance has compiled a large database of pet names from their many clients. Each year they put out their own top 50 list of the wackiest dog and cat names and this year’s list for cats is pretty funny.

“With a database of more than half a million insured pets, we came across some extremely peculiar dog and cat names. After speaking with the pet owners from our Top Ten lists, we found that there is a special meaning and story behind unusual monikers,” said Curtis Steinhoff, director of corporate communications for Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).

Have a look through the top 10 wackiest dog names of 2013 according to VPI’s large database and selection process.

  • 10 Most Wacky Cat Names of 2013 1 of 11

    Check out this year's top 10 wackiest cat names of 2013!

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  • #10: Pizza Guy 2 of 11

    When Allan Kiang of Clarksville, Md.,'s son, Jonesy was four years old he told him that he wanted to name his future children "pizza guy" and "wolverine", but instead they suggested maybe those were better names for pets. When this cat came into their lives a year later, they noticed a pizza-shaped fur pattern on his nose and his name became Pizza Guy. Jonesy was thrilled.

  • #9: Fatness 3 of 11

    This wasn't always Fatness' name; she used to go by the name Natasha, but after her owner started describing her two cats and landed on Fatness for her, that name just stuck.

  • #8: Rum Tum Tugger Too 4 of 11

    Rum Tum Tugger Too is named after a cat who passed away before he came into the house of Felicia Heffernan of Albany, N.Y. She had a cat with the previous name, Rum Tum Tugger, who passed away and when she took in this 4-year old stray, it just fit.

  • #7: Doctor Whiskers 5 of 11

    Joshua Lee of West Roxbury, Mass., didn't describe himself as a cat person, but after taking in a stray, he fell in love. Doctor Whisker's name came because he'd always wanted to have a son who was a doctor, so now he does.

  • #6: Stinky Baby 6 of 11

    His name came from kind of where you expected it to. According to his human family Washington Depot, Conn., his name came from his terrible breath.

  • #5: Nut Job 7 of 11

    Nut Job has gone through a few names before settling on this one. According to his human family, he went by the names Gatsby, The Boy, Suggi, and George before settling on this one.

  • #4: Lady Fluffington 8 of 11

    Rhianna Wright of Galion, Ohio, says Lady Fluffington got her name because, "We started out just calling her Fluffy, but everyone has a cat named Fluffy. She is a delicate, dainty looking creature and it was decided she needed a more regal name."

  • #3: Mama Pajama 9 of 11

    Mama Pajama was taken in by a sweet pet lover when she was found pregnant and on the streets. The name Mama Pajama is simply because mama just didn't seem like enough of a name for this cat's personality.

  • #2: Fuzzbutt 10 of 11

    Lora Hamp of Broomfield, Colo., says she gave her cat the name Fuzzbutt because she couldn't come up with anything else at the time. It was a nickname that just seemed to stick.

  • #1: Cheeto Burrito 11 of 11

    The cat name that takes top spot is Cheeto Burrito. How did he get his name? Cheryl Weiland of Canton, Mich., and her like the name Cheeto because of his orange coat. They then decided to give him the last name Burrito because he likes to curl up on blankets and be picked him up from both sides, as if he were the meat of a burrito.

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