10 New Year’s Resolutions to Share With Your Pet

Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? If so, did you include your pet? Many of the common resolutions that people make can apply just as well to your pets. Perhaps you need to shed a pound or two? Your pet could also benefit from the extra exercise or a careful look at his or her diet.  Maybe you want to get a new hobby or learn something new? You could find something new to do with your pet!

Sharing your resolutions with your pet can bring you both closer together and make you more aware of your pet’s well being. For some ideas and examples of how common resolutions can be shared with your animal companion, read through the slideshow below.

  • Resolutions for You and Your Pet 1 of 11

    Browse through these resolutions for ideas on how to improve life for both you and your pet. Try a couple or try them all. Either way, you will be better off for it.  


    Photo credits: Kelly Taylor,  Rachel Hobday, and Asa Wilson 

  • Get More Exercise 2 of 11

    Your pets need exercise just like you do and, as noted by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker, it is a myth that having a large backyard is sufficient to fully exercise your pet.  So, how about starting off the new year with a dual fitness plan? Try taking a daily power walk with your dog, bringing your dog along on a leisurely bike cruise, or playing some rowdy games of chase the string with your cat.     


    Photo Credit: Tony Alter

  • Spend More Time Outside 3 of 11

    I love the outdoors, and so do my dogs. But it can be easy to fall into a rut of hanging out in the yard or simply talking neighborhood walks. A resolution to spend more time hiking or exploring parks and other outdoor locations can entertain you and your dog, add additional exercise, and leave you  feeling rejuvenated.


    Photo Credit: Roberta Romero

  • Watch What You Eat 4 of 11

    There is plenty of disagreement on the absolute best diet for your pet, and for you for that matter! But one thing you can do is try to be sure that you both eat better this year than you did last year. Using common sense, you can cut unhealthy items from the diet and then strive to learn more about healthy eating. For pets, the move to grain free diets has gained a lot of popularity and is something that I have done with my pets. You can read up about concerns over corn in your pet's diet or, if you are interested in trying a raw diet for your pet, Dr. Karen Becker has a great series of videos on the subject.     


    Photo Credit: Alexander Lyubavin

  • Take Better Care of Your Teeth 5 of 11

    Just as you want healthy white teeth, good oral hygiene is essential to your pet's health.  Poor dental health can cause a number of adverse effects. So, learn how to brush your pet's teeth in order to keep your cat or dog in top condition. Also, watch what you give your pet to chew. My corgi Ty suffered two broken teeth from chewing antlers, something that is currently a rather popular dog chew.  


    Photo Credit: Marya

  • Play More 6 of 11

    Playing with your pet can help alleviate stress from boredom.  It can't hurt you as the owner either. So resolve to have more fun with your pet.  If you have a dog, try a good game of fetch outside to meet multiple resolutions at once, or take up a new activity such a obedience training, noseworks, or agility to keep you and your pet entertained and active. For cats, set up interactive play stations and try interactive toys to challenge your cat and keep her entertained.


    Photo Credit: Asa Wilson 


  • Challenge Your Brain 7 of 11

    As previously noted, keeping your pet mentally active will help prevent boredom and stress and is also just plain fun. Just as you might enjoy a good puzzle, your pet will too. So get out your jigsaw puzzle, and at the same time give your pet a challenging toy. If you need ideas, see my previous article on 10 Brain Games to Challenge and Entertain Your Pet


    Photo Credit: Guy

  • Get More Sleep 8 of 11

    It is common sense that we all need adequate sleep, including our pets. But did you know that pets can deprive you of sleep? Make sure that you and your pets get sufficient rest by examining ways to assure that you are not waking each other up and being aware of the implications of not getting enough rest. 


    Photo Credit: Rachel Hobday

  • Try a New Hobby 9 of 11

    Who doesn't like a new hobby? By taking up something fun with your dog like agility, noseworks, or other canine sports, you can get exercise, play, and mental stimulation all in one. For ideas of new hobbies to try see 8 Canine Sports to Try with Your Dog.  If you have a cat, try finding a new type of toy or game that you have never tried before.


    Photo Credit: Carleen Coulter (with Ty at his first agility trial)

  • Cuddle More 10 of 11

    We all need affection, so it seems obvious that our pets need it too. Fortunately this is easy to take care of! Resolve to cuddle with your pet more this year than last and you both will be better off for it.  


    Photo Credit: Kelly Taylor

  • Learn Something New 11 of 11

    It is always good to broaden your horizons. Both you and your pet can learn something new by taking an obedience class or workshop, learning a new trick, or playing a new game. This isn't limited to dogs. You can teach tricks to your cat too! 


    Photo Credit: Andrea Arden

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