10 Pets Happy to Celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

10 Pets Happy to Celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Arr, matey!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fun day to celebrate the fun dialect of the pirate and all things pirate and this year marks the 10th anniversary!

You can learn the basics of how to talk like a pirate in English — a translation of the most common words can be found and if you’re ready for more advanced talk, you can pick up the fun pirate slangs!

Our pets love to be just like us so they’re also happy to help celebrate the day of pirate talk. It’s a fun day for not only talking like a pirate, but dressing like one too and our pets will not be upstaged by anyone!

Click through to see 10 pets celebrating “talk like a pirate” day:

  • Pirate Cat 1 of 10
    Pirate Cat
    You can tell this guy loves to be in charge!
    Photo credit iStockPhoto
  • Pirate Pupp 2 of 10
    Pirate Pupp
    He may look cute, but you need to watch out!
    Photo credit jennmae / Flickr
  • Working the Hat 3 of 10
    Working the Hat
    This guy loves the pirate hat .
    Photo credit Jaco B. Ross / Flickr
  • Attitude Down 4 of 10
    Attitude Down
    He looks tough and he knows just how to work the attitude.
    Photo credit shoe the Linux Librarian / Flickr
  • Parrot Friend 5 of 10
    Parrot Friend
    The cat has his (stereotypical) pirate on his shoulder helping him be his pirate self.
    Photo credit iStockPhoto
  • Unsure of His Status 6 of 10
    Unsure of His Status
    You know, even pirates get tired.
    Photo credit wiggiewormdog / Flickr
  • May Be Small, But Tough 7 of 10
    May Be Small, But Tough
    Don't underestimate a guy because of his size.
    Photo credit reader of the pack / Flickr
  • Pirate Pride 8 of 10
    Pirate Pride
    Working the pirate skirt and showing off the pride.
    Photo credit istolethetv / Flickr
  • Working the Patch 9 of 10
    Working the Patch
    He looks like he's keeping his one good eye on the situation.
    Photo credit akeg / Flickr
  • Bunny Boss 10 of 10
    Bunny Boss
    Yes, fluffy bunnies are bosses too.
    Photo credit iStockPhoto

Photo credit: shoe the Linux Librarian / Flickr

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