10 Pets Who Fit Perfectly in Your Pocket

10 Pets Who Fit Perfectly in Your PocketIt’s Friday and we all need a little push to get us through the end of the work day and ease us into the weekend.

While you could totally go reach for another cup of coffee to give you that extra push — I have a better idea for you today that involves two things awesome in the world.

The internet & cute, adorable pets — you can’t be in a bad mood with that combination. I have one-upped it a bit and want to share with you something a bit extra cute… pets in pockets.

Click through to see 10 photos of adorable pets who fit perfectly in your pocket:

  • Kitten Pocket 1 of 9
    Kitten Pocket
    Built in pocket just for a kitten... genius.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission
  • It’s a Rat 2 of 9
    It's a Rat
    He looks happy all curled into the shirt pocket.
    Photo credit stark23x / Flickr
  • The Perfect Spot 3 of 9
    The Perfect Spot
    Seems like a perfectly reasonable place to take a nap.
    Photo credit boboroshi / Flickr
  • Birdy Pocket 4 of 9
    Birdy Pocket
    Well, honestly -- who doesn't have a bird in their pocket.
    Photo credit garycycles2 / Flickr
  • It’s a Bunny 5 of 9
    It's a Bunny
    Cuteness explosion all over your computer screen
    Photo hosted on TEH Cute.
  • Hamster Happy 6 of 9
    Hamster Happy
    Just as long as the person doesn't sit down.
    Photo credit iStockPhoto
  • Hedgehog Hut 7 of 9
    Hedgehog Hut
    Someone is digging in for a nap.
    Photo credit dalangalma / Flickr
  • Kitten Cave 8 of 9
    Kitten Cave
    Those eyes.. the cuteness.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission
  • That’s a Sugar Glider 9 of 9
    That's a Sugar Glider
    Little dude fits perfectly right there.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission

Photo credit:   DVIDSHUB / Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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